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  • Annonymous - Increased Costs BAD for Small Business

    I was FORCED to upgrade my QuickBooks Pro 2013 to 2016, because Intuit will no longer support the older version after the end of May. So, if I want to continue to use the software that I've been using since 1998, I had no choice but to comply. That was bad enough, but the REAL problems with this upgrade are the changes for using the Intuit Payment Network. As a small business, I found IPN to be a helpful tool that allowed my customers to pay online easily, at a nominal cost to me (50 cents per transaction). QuickBooks Pro 2016 no longer allows this feature. If I want to use IPN, I must open a Merchant Account and pay 3.4% plus service fee for the privilege, if my customers use a credit or debit card to make payment. The 50 cent fee only applies if customers use electronic payment directly from a checking account. While this doesn't sound like a big change, for a small business that counts pennies, it IS. That percentage adds up to REAL money, month after month, annually costing several hundred dollars. The software upgrade is expensive enough, why is Intuit nickel and diming small businesses with such a change?

  • Fish - Poor quality, bad fit, but cheap

    If you have very basic needs in terms of performance and durability and price is your primary concern, this is a fair set of wrenches. If you have even moderately demanding needs - buy something else.

  • rbeal23 - It fits the 7 plus nicely. I have a little trouble with the sleep ...

    The case seems well made and is attractive. It fits the 7 plus nicely. I have a little trouble with the sleep button, but that may just be that I'm not used to the larger phone and the button on the side and not the top. I've had otterbox defenders in the past that have saved my phones from falls on concrete. I'm not quiet as confident with the Supcase. Time will tell.

  • Here Gromit - Three minute boy....what hit!

    Radiation is sure to remain one of the bands most talked about albums among the fans. Some feel the band sold out and went for a top forty hit, others thought this was a departure from their normal sound that worked great. This album contain songs that to me are a collection of individual songs. There doesn't seem to be a flow to the songs that I can pick up. Many of Marillions' albums are concept albums, I;E There is a theme or a flow or central idea to tie the songs together I didn't feel it here. My final words on this release,...It's worth having a listen to I liked it.

  • @BookREADER28 - Wondeful debut!

    This is the first in the series and also the debut novel of Kendra Elliot, which it states at the end of the book. If I didn't read that fact for myself I would have never guessed it was her very first book. It's captivating from the very first page where you meet Lacey until the very last page of the epilogue! Long ago Lacey escaped from a serial killer and her friend wasn't so lucky. Now after all these years someone is finishing what the killer started by killing everyone tied to putting the killer behind bars back then. Lacey finds herself reliving everything that happened at the darkest time in her life and trying to stay safe. She meets ex-cop Jack and sparks fly between the two from the get go. Following the steamy romance between them and trying to find out who the killer is will have you on the edge of your seat. Glad to have discovered this great author and looking forward to the next novel in the series! If you are a fan of romance novels or thrilling suspense, you will definitely enjoy Hidden.

  • Gary Bass - Lemon

    The right 2 inches of the screen is pixilated with lines going up and down. It will not update. Basically, the television is a lemon. Not what I expect from Sony.

  • Dave Newman - Works well

    Our Mini Schnauser has comedo syndrome and this shampoo really does the trick. It removes the bumps and helps heal him up for a week or so at a time. Initially we were using it 3x a week as prescribed by our vet and now down to weekly. Well recommended.