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  • dlee - A real eye opening biography

    The first thing I learned about this amazing couple was how long and hard they worked before being on television. I thought I pretty much knew everything about Lucy and Desi from articles and tv specials. This book tells of both of their early lives and their struggles in childhood. I also learned what a shrewd businessman Desi was. Their story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at times. It covers everything through first Desi's and then Lucy's death. It's a must read for anyone who loved Lucy! I have already recommended this book to several of my friends.

  • Lisa S. - Fabulous

    I love this product!!! I can't believe that just using it for 2/10 min intervals, that my teeth are already two shades lighter! I will never have to spend 500$ on professional whitening at the dentist!!! It's so easy to use and tolerate unlike conventional trays that have u eating your bleach!!! I did this confortably watching TV🙆 So take the plunge and buy it!!!!

  • Alex Perez - This one put me to sleep

    This game is so slow paced that it literally put me to sleep rather than motivated my wife and I to work out. I would return it but I do not want anyone else to buy this item and suffer through it. Is not a game or an excercise video.

  • Cindy C. - Worked for me!

    I have tried whaOpalescence from my dentist. It burned my gums and eventually my throat. I'm very happy with Tuxedo. It is a charcoal so you do have to be careful with it. The powder is perhaps finer than most people are used to. The only reason I can think it would stain your gums is if the gums are not healthy and the tissure absorbed the charcoal. I can tell the difference so quickly I could hardly believe it. It sure has my approval.