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  • whatithink - Handle leaks after o-ring inside it is dislodged

    Okay, I would have given this 5 stars, but it failed after 4 months. I had the exact same problem a previous reviewer here had: water started leaking from the handle around the tip-eject button. Water would still come out of the tip but at very low pressure and increasing the power did not help as it would just leak faster. A few days before the leak happened, the tip became noticeably harder to insert into the handle. If you eject the tip and look down the insertion hole in the handle with a flashlight, you may see a warped black thing that looks out-of-place. This is the rubber o-ring seal that has become dislodged from the slot that holds it in place.

  • Carlita lolita - You want this!

    With anything, you need to give it time. Your hair will not be thick and full instantly, it has to grow in that way. I lost a lot of hair after having two babies, the hormones made me go bald in several spots! Yikes! I have been taking this for over a year and I will never stop! Love how my hair has finally grown in healthy and full!

  • Edith George Jasser - If you never owned one, try this lower priced one first - I love it

    If you never had a yonanas, try this one first there are more expensive ones, I bought this one to try it and see that it actually works.

  • Maria Ward - Trust in your Eyes

    It works. Keep it simple and deal in facts. Go to see a demo and ignore any marketing rhetoric. You will see the results of lifted firmer skin. I do concede it isn't cheap. What needs to be calculated is how it will benefit you and is it therefore worth it.

  • Woody Goulart - Get This Music Today!

    Americana (or whatever one calls this) is represented beautifully in this collection of unforgettable music. I am so happy to add this impressive set to my music collection. I recommend it to you without any hesitation.