Fexofenadine - Fexofenadine is an antihistamine that is used in the treatment of hayfever and other allergic reactions

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  • David Kim - I love how clean my teeth feel after using it and ...

    I never thought that I would freak out at the thought of running out of dental floss but it happened after I started flossing with Cocofloss. I love how clean my teeth feel after using it and the fibers are super resilient. An example of a great product I never knew I needed until I used it!

  • J. Mallon - Small coverage area, leaky grommets

    They fit perfectly, sure, but they are also small. I suspect the reason they are so small is due to Ford's recessed floor design in front of the seat. The mats terminate a significant distance from the seat rails, leaving a lot of room for the carpet to get wet. Also, the pair of grommets at the seat end both leak. So, when I went to remove the mat on the drivers side this morning to wash it off, my carpet was quite wet under the left grommet, and moderately so under the right. Called Weathertech customer service this morning (it's great that they staff the phones on a Sunday, Kudos to them), and the gentleman agreed that the grommets are not weather tight, but there is a "beveled" design immediately around them to mitigate water. Trouble is, the customer needs to make sure that the snow and water they bring into the car on their feet does not cross into this zone (good luck with that). Weather Tech does not have a suggestion for how to seal this grommet, it's up to the customer to figure that one out. So I'm faced with just returning the $199 mat set, or figuring out what to do for proper sealing of the grommets. One other not so good thing is where the left foot rests, there is still quite a bit of the floor exposed to a wet slushy shoe, Weathertech sure could have extended the mat up higher to cover this. If you look at the pictures on Amazon, you can see the issue. I'm going to try something innovative to seal the grommets before I consider returning. I will also have to retrofit a "carpet runner" material around the seat side of the mat to get more coverage (lap over the Weathertech mat, as well as a section of this runner at the L foot rest area. Seems like a substantial amount of work on my part for a very expensive set of mats. In the mean time, I'll try a few things and add some comments and pictures. I suggest others shop around, and call the manufacturer of your possible mat choice about potential for leakage, and adequate coverage vs. "the competition".

  • Official Best - For the money a winner so far

    I just got this and set it up by myself yesterday and did my first workout with it. I find it to be solid and easy to put together. It recommends 2 people and probably a good thing for most but I did it myself. Most of it is easy without anyone else but a few situations I needed to place a chair close to hold up parts in order for me to do it. Solid build and actually surprised at the quality for the price. The seat is a bit small in my opinion but not a big issue at all considering I'm only setting in it for about a half hour. I have found no noise or squeaking issues as some have mentioned. Also one of my main issues is having a good upper body workout with the hand peddles. It has good resistance and does have the same resistance peddling forward or backward. Also having used a gym commercial torso peddler in the past, I know that you can also use the arm length adjustments to maximize resistance. Set them out fully for easy use but as you get stronger, set them in further for more resistance. Know one on the reviews have mentioned this before and the company does not mention this in the brochure for some reason. The foot peddle is solid and adjustments allow any level of resistance. Should I find issues that arise I will post later but for now I am very satisfied and feel I got a great buy. Also a nice note to see the company selling these is based in Houston. It is made in China but I have found Texas companies to be honest and reliable so if I need future back up on this, I feel good they are based out of Texas. I travel a lot for a living and find Texas to be a really good state when it comes to integrity. I hope however I do not need their assistance! I also did buy the 2 year smart guard protection plan as I also don't believe anything in China will last more than a year if that. But again, this seems to be solidly made and well thought out in making it easy to put together which quite frankly was a pleasant surprise for me.

  • Zach G. - comfortable, and all Tazons fit the same

    Pumas are cheap, comfortable, and all Tazons fit the same. These are no different. I love the soles Puma uses. They're good to stand on forever.

  • C. Mason - Great product!

    These essential oils are wonderful! This comes with six 10ml bottles that contain a blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils. This includes lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, sweet orange and tea Tree. They also come in a really nice box, so they could be given as-is as a gift! These oils are 100% organic with zero bases or carriers added. These are perfect for aromatherapy, massage and body oils (use proper precautions), vaporizers, diffusers, and much more!

  • SHEILA BEARD - AMAZING self tan lotion

    A friend gave me her bottle last summer because it broke her out (only because she has extra sensitive skin). I am very light skin tone and burn easily. 15 minutes in the sun and I am cooked. I like to have tanned legs just like her but tanning beds are out of the equation for me. I have tried the spray and other lotion and nothing worked or it turned me orange. This stuff is amazing!!!!! I apply it after I shave my legs and before I go to bed, I have a pretty tan. The tan will last me about a week before it starts fading off. That is even with me shaving every 3 days (I'm older so my hair doesn't grow fast, for those thinking like I used to. Where you were to shave daily). My daughter has the same problem as me and it works for her too. I will never use anything else to tan my legs. I would recommend this product to all my friends that don't have extra sensitive skin. This is truly a miracle product for my legs.