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  • Mike - Really Best Product Ever!!!!

    When I first saw Shrink, I was hopeful, but not dependent. I received it fast, and the first day I applied it and then went into a work out. Within a week, I started noticing results. I was toning my body more, and I could actually see the difference in the mirror. It was great to find a product that worked for me and was not a hassle to buy or use.

  • JayWalkr - My Favorite Pen!!!

    So, I'm a lover of great pens, and at this price point this pen is hands down my favorite instrument. I love the contours, design, weight, and balance. This is my second Watermen Expert having already secured the gold trimmed lacquer beauty, and I can't say which I like better. Just stunning!!

  • Amish Ninja - Creepy, but effective

    It's a rare thing these days when products actually deliver on their claims. This is one hell of a creepy item, well, yah, all fun and games aside, it's creepy as hell. But, strangely, it works. Wish I knew about this long ago for my older children.

  • Ernest Roberts - Calls are clear

    These earphones have large earhooks and adjustable earbuds to ensure they stay put when exercising.The have a thin rubbery flex which goes around the back of your head.The controls are set on the unit which sits by your ear at the front.The sound quality is very good not quite so much bass as some I have tried but that does not effect the overall quality. The control unit is a bit big, not as discreet as I would like but that is just my personal taste.Calls are clear ,they take seconds to pair and they talk to you when pairing and tell you when pairing is complete.They are sweat proof, 5 hours playing time, can be paired to two devices,comfortable,easy to operate,sound great and come with usb cable, instructions and a really nice black padded drawstring bag to keep them protected when not in use

  • Ashley Degon - Gorgeous and functional

    This bag is beautiful and it's the perfect size. Previous reviews made it seem like it may have been a little too small but I am able to store my jump rope, shoes, tape, chalk, contacts, multiple pairs of socks (I stock up because I forget them a lot) and, my workout attire all comfortably. Mine did come with a shoulder strap as advertised. I would highly recommend this product to all of my workout buddies or anyone looking for a cute weekender bag.

  • C&EUmmah - Really works!

    I have one Lhasa Apso that lately has been marking/urinating in the same place and we have been totally unsuccessful at getting the smell of the urine out. I have tried MANY products, including Nature's Miracle which DOESN'T get the smell out, works only temporarily and if you have a carpet, the urine gets all the way down to the pad and the smell is VERY hard to get out. When I saw this product at Walmart I decided to give it a shot, but with a reasonable amount of skepticism. Well, I am so glad I tried it because this is the first product amongst MANY I have tried that actually worked. I followed the instructions for odor removal (just pour it on and let it dry over the affected area) and it smelled very strongly of ammonia at first so make sure you open up all the windows...but after it completely dried the smell was very hard to detect and I was amazed it actually worked. Since then I've purchased 2 more bottles of this just in case and plan on going back for more to clean up all my rug. I highly recommend this product and think it is very reasonably priced as well.

  • Barnard Family - Great smell

    Love the smell of this shampoo. Not sure if it really "repairs hair" but it is very nice shampoo, and a great price!