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  • http://www.fincasmolina.com/vivienda/es-coll-den-rabassa/garaje_en_palma-de-mallorca_2856950.3201.html Venta Garaje Palma de Mallorca Zona Es Coll den Rabassa - Se vende plaza de garaje cubierta en el Coll den Rabassa de Palma. Fácil acceso y posibilidad de aparcar coche grande. Para visitas o ampliar la informción contacte ahora.

    Country:, Europe, ES

    City: -3.684 , Spain

  • Amazon Customer - Another recommendation for pole dance

    I bought this stuff after another girl in pole class mentioned she used it, and it works great. My hands don't sweat excessively like some girls' do, but they get really clammy and gross, especially when we roll in for pole after like a Zumba class leaves the room humid and sweaty or when the AC isn't enough to kill the humidity and the poles get slick. It's not perfect- my hands still get slimy after a while and I need to wipe the pole down pretty often even with this stuff, and I do end up reapplying 3-4 times over an hour class (depending on what kind of holds we're doing that day), but it has helped a lot. I feel like I work a lot safer with this stuff on my hands. And the nice part is there's no weird smell. There's a little white residue when I use it, but that's not a big deal to me.

  • Amazon Customer - Women don't forget to call Corgi whenever you need to make a decision.

    If you need to decide something call his electorate office on 1300 880 569. If he's not there try his Canberra office on 02 6277 3278. Or if you find words confusing because you are a girl, or a muslim, or a gay, or just non traditional check out this handy cartoon

  • Sweengolly - Always beautiful

    You can buy these most anywhere and each year they're slightly different. We have been collecting them for about 20+ years because they are quite pretty. Swarovski is really tough to beat for cut crystal sparkle and Amazon pricing is always less than local stores.

  • StealthyRaptor1 - Great Series Addition w/ minor launch flaws

    Full disclosure - I'm not really a gamer. However, have played every single one since its time of release, starting with the original DOS 1991 edition. It's my thing. Love to be able to play just a few turns if I want and stretch it our, or binge on a weekend when family has gone to bed.