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    City: -117.8612 California, United States


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  • Perkilea - Good oil lots in the bottle can tell when your ...

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  • Mither - great taste, subtle not too sweet

    These taste great, and despite the high temperature, mine all still arrived as little individual bears. You may not wish to order int the summer. Beware, take your chances, but it worked alright for me.

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  • 123mandy321 - Love it!

    The smell and taste to me is not very pleasant at all. My boyfriend thinks it makes our baby smell like an old man. But it does do the trick!! I put about 8 drops on his paci when he has a bad tummy ache and within 5 minutes he is very calm. I have tried gas drops and gripe water, then read about this stuff and how natural it was so I gave it a go and it has worked wonders. We used to have to do gas drops after every bottle. I started putting the gas drops in with his formula and did not like that. I also found out that they can get dependent on the gas drops and I really really didn't like that. The Catnip and Fennel has really helped immensely. I thought I'd have to use them every day a few times a day, but ever since I started using them I have barley had to give him this. Maybe once a week to once every two weeks. It seems to have really helped with his gas pains and colic. I tell everyone with fussy babies about this stuff.

  • A. Love - This does not work.

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