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  • Richard LeLacheur - Makes my life look like a blessing!!!

    This show is never a let-down!!! This season is getting into the mechanics of the family without Frank but little do they know they have been replaced by a "foster family"... Emily is directing Ep.4 so I cant wait to see how she does from behind of the camera as well as she does in front as Fiona....

  • Vista Verde 5th Grade - Best WWE Game ever

    The Xbox 360’s WWE Smack Down vs. Raw 2010 (SvR) is great. It has much better graphics than the other years and gameplay is spectacular. It’s called Smack Down vs. Raw because they make you fight someone on raw and face someone in smack down (that doesn’t happen in real life.) I think this is a great game for fans of the real WWE. The roster is from the year 2009 but you earn more wrestlers by playing the single player mode. You should by this particular game because if you are new to these types of games it has a great tutorial. I’ve had other years of these games, but this is by far the best. Have Fun!

  • BuckeyeBlitz - Truly a Next-Gen System!!! BUY IT!!!!

    Wow where do I begin!!! First off I preordered my XB1 back in August as I was still trying to decide which next gen system I wanted to go with. At the time I preordered, the only system available was the standard edition. No biggie as long as I got one I was gonna be happy! So as Nov 22nd rolled around I got a email from Amazon a few days earlier saying that my shipment was being prepared to ship. I noticed in the email my product info stated "Microsoft Xbox One Console - Day One Edition". Thinking it was maybe just a typo or system error I ignored it and anxiously waited for the days to pass. Back when I had preordered the system I opted for free standard shipping as I didnt want to pay extra just to have the system a few days earlier. The system is actually a Xmas gift for my son so as long as it arrived before then I was happy. Amazon quoted me a delivery date of Dec 2nd-3rd which was perfectly fine considering all the 2 day and overnight express consoles they probably had to ship out on launch day. Well not only did they get my console to me 2-3 days after launch (Monday Nov 25th) but they also did in fact upgrade me to a DAY ONE EDITION!! Thanks AMAZON!!! You Rock!!!