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  • Amazon Customer - this product sucks. It will not work

    I Used the three step Ultra Clean system. Did not work. I failed the test. DONT trust the 5 star reviews on this product. I did and I regret it. I'm currently contemplating suing Zydot for false advertising. The product says it is a "deep cleanser" but really it only possesses chemicals that will mask the THC. Which hasn't worked since 2006!...ANYWAYS, this product sucks. It will not work. You literally have to Fry your hair to pass a Hair Follicle test. Guess it's time I clean up.. Hope this helps a smoker in need..

  • Elephnt - So these are tiny, but powerful

    These are great little guns! They are pretty small, but they have a lot of firing power packed into them. I purchased 2, one for a 6 year old and a 9 year old. All the adults ended up stealing them from the kids. As long as your kids (or friends) can manage not to shoot each other in the face, these are a big win. Highly recommend.

  • Alicia - Do NOT buy this product!!!

    I'm so upset with what this product did to my cat. My cat is 13 years old and was looking for a cheaper medication that could help her, I read the reviews and was so hopeful that it would help her. It did not do anything, if anything make her worse! By the second week of medication she had began to throw up twice a day followed by pooping but she never made it to the litter box. This medication almost seemed to make her weaker than what she was before. Scared me half to death. So all those reviews on the main website are a bunch of BS!!!

  • wennycg - great floor mats

    these all weather floor mats are awesome and fit nicely, i ordered this for my brand new 2015 jeep renegade becaue i want to keep the carpet as clean as possible living here in north dakota, they all fit pretty well except for the fron passenger which i had to fiddle with a bit but was able to get it to fit under the seat sliding bars . i loved the price for these and its awesome how quickly they ship , will def buy from this seller again

  • Nance - A good program

    This is not easy but it's rewarding. It's easy to follow and you feel the benefits imediately. I use this once a year to cleanse my system and to begin the new year strong. It taught me how to then use the powders in smoothies to maintain. With the left over I will occassionally do one week or just a few days of the cleanse to give my body that healthy jump start.

  • Ron Baker - Popcorn summer blockbuster

    Epic special effects and we get to see a lot more of the hideous aliens this time around. The alien queen is uber cool. It may not have some of the patriotic charm of the first film but it makes up for it with grand battles and tons of big popcorn summer blockbuster action. I like this type of over the top science fiction that blows you away start to finish. Get your popcorn and settle in for a big bad 2 hours. Mindless summer fun.

  • Kelsey - Big Sexy Hair- spray

    This is my go-to hairspray. It holds the best out of everything I've tried and it light weight. A little bit goes a long way so it last a long time too. I tease my hair on a daily basis and it holds all day. I don't like using anything but Big Sexy Hair Hairspray. I'm lost without my hairspray.