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  • lb1428 - So hard to tighten straps and recline won't stay locked!

    There are a few great things about this carseat and then several terrible features that are making me hate it. I bought this in early 2016 as a replacement for a 2014 Pria 70 after being in a minor accident. My first seat was in Total Black which tended to get quite hot in the summer time (my daughter would be totally sweaty after any trip even with the AC blasting). I opted for the Grey Gravel hoping it would be slightly cooler but that is not the case. Not only is it just as hot, the Gravel is a different material (not the easily cleanable neoprene like the Total Black was but more of a pique like a polo golf shirt). I cannot keep this seat clean. Within a week of washing it there are spots everywhere again. The only upside that I will mention is that the newer model has snaps that make it easy to remove everything for washing without having to uninstall the whole seat.

  • daniel - Five star!

    These goggles make doing hand to hand combat with winter kind of fun!As they ARE fog proof, give great face coverage,offer great field of vision,excellent optical clarity & very good sun glare protection.And they are very comfortable to boot!

  • Kent - Once to true the tire and the second time was for another fine tuning. The frame it's self is tight and ...

    Had to add to the purchase a seat, tires, and tubes. Once built I took it to a local bike shop foregone tuning. ( a must). I have 500 miles on the bike within the last three months. I had to take the bike back to shop twice since I had it. Once to true the tire and the second time was for another fine tuning. The frame it's self is tight and as light as can be expected. If you are just starting into cycling this might not be a bad bike to start with. Of you are a experienced rider and looking to save a buck don't buy this bike. Pony up the extra cash and buy that road bike for $1000. I am happy with purchase but getting what I paid for.

  • Bob LaBlaw - Good value

    This is a good set of tracks for someone that is just now learning of the Gorillaz. Its got a lot of good songs and the videos are cool. The videos, because they are videos, are good sized. If you are concerned about hard drive space be aware that this album is larger than the average CD.