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  • J. Thomas - Sadly I am too tall for this bag, shoulder strap too short.

    This would have been an amazing bag, but unfortunately the shoulder strap is just way too short. I am 5'11" and with the thing fully extended it barely came to my hip. The medium Commute bag I have has a much longer strap and was more comfortable. I am sure it's great for shorter people, but I guess I don't fit that size they envision for this bag.

  • James B. - Great Series

    I usually have zero tolerance for legal dramas. But this one proved to be an unexpected pleasure. And a lot of that had to do with the writers' intelligent choices. The deeply flawed hero didn't suddenly become a paragon of virtue. Evil bastards stayed true to form. Vulnerable people were hurt or lost. And those who were far too brittle got utterly shattered. And there's no Hollywood redemption. Instead there was the painful growth and learning that comes from surviving from one day to the next while doing the right thing. Or there were the dead ends and set backs that come from repeating mistakes based on a combination of character flaws and poor self-perception. And the tension where those points intersect.

  • J Hutchison - Good product!

    I was having trouble healing after surgery and went to a Doctor who was a good nutritionist and he directed me to another green product but it cost to much. I looked for one that was close to the one the Dr. Nutritionist had recommended for me for my problem and this came very close. It did the job for me! Your needs would be different! All I can say is this one worked for me. I can not say what it would do for you but for me It is worth the cost! I enjoy this product once daily. I drink my smoothie made from several different recites, below is one of my favorite recites. If you are having trouble like me; I would encourage you to find a good Doctor who is a Nutritionist also. He was such a help for me. Diet: I am not using sugar and I am eating healthy as well.

  • Heather D - This is made with such nice quality wood you will not even want to use ...

    This is made with such nice quality wood you will not even want to use it. This is the wider tooth comb and works much better with thicker hair.

  • msac - NO STARS, A F- Please redo

    I can endure bad writing, if the acting is good. Not in this case, the worst ever-- don't actors study their art anymore--it is harder than it looks unless your're a natural. Not one natural in the entire film.