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  • sanfilipa - Straightforward and Informative

    This book is a great book for beginning investors. Nearly every book I've read on the subject has been dry, tedious and boring, but this book makes the subject fun and comprehensible. You get a little bit of background/history on the stock market to establish your foundation and then you get into specific actions you can take to start investing. It's simple, but not too simple, and most importantly it's actionable advice which was what I wanted from the book. You can read it straight through at least once and then use it as a reference guide on a daily basis. This book covers both fundamental and technical analysis, and gives the pros and cons of each, suggesting that using both is best, and leaves it to the reader to decide what's best for them. Really helpful book.

  • 3.6_lambo - Extremely pleased with these decals

    Extremely pleased with these decals. They arrived a week before they were even supposed to be here and they were in original packaging, no tears or anything. The instructions were extremely detailed and easy to read. Just follow them step for step and it should be no problem, the only thing was air bubbles but if you just do what it says and use a needle or something and poke the air out then there will be no problem. Couldn't possibly be happier with the way they turned out on my car. I have already gotten many compliments just driving around town even though I literally put them on maybe 2 hours ago. Just whatever you do don't rush, because if you want the best results then you need to take your time it took me maybe a couple of hours, but that is only because I took my sweet time, just make sure you let them stay on for about an hour before you drive your car and it wont be a problem. Thank you Amazon you guys rock.