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  • R. J. Levin - Quick read that will open your eyes.

    This book will change the way you look at the world! There is so much that you suspected or feared that is happening. Cathy makes the topic of mathematical models easy to understand. She also makes the stakes clear (They are very very high.... Especially if you are poor)

  • R A Melloh; Cornish, NH - Lovin' this Tea Tree Oil

    I am very happy with this product. I use it on my feet and have defeated all traces of summer athlete's foot with regular morning application between the toes using a Q-tip. It seems to hold nail fungus in check, but sadly, does not eradicate it as some have claimed.

  • M. Paul - Best Roach spray you will ever find

    When we moved into our new home several years ago, life was grand. It was a beautiful subdivision, located in a "woodsy" area, surrounded by Maple and Plum trees. We certainly enjoyed those Fall and Winter months in our new home. Sadly, it wouldn't last. When Spring arrived, our neighborhood was literally invaded by thousands of nasty cockroaches. They were everywhere - in our kitchen, bathrooms, sinks and bedroom. I even caught one wiggling around in my Captain Crunch cereal. That was the last straw! Nothing interferes with the Captain. That very day, we called my brother-in-law, who works for a local Pest control company and bears an uncanny resemblance to Dale Gribble. He even drives a truck with a giant, plastic cockroach on top. Dale, I mean, my brother-in-law, recommended Bengal Roach Spray as the perfect, cost-effective solution. We immediately grabbed 10 cans of their strongest stuff and commenced to nuking. Within a week, our problem was gone. Little corpses piled up everywhere with detached legs and antenna scattered throughout the house. Now it might just be my imagination but, in the corner of my eye, I swear that I caught a fleeting glimpse of a tiny white flag being waved in the air. Good enough for me. Bengal works.

  • Nikki - Great deal for the price

    Great deal for the price. I wish it had a monthly view before each month but the coloring pages are fun.

  • Heather - Still The Gold Standard

    I used WillMaker five years ago and was satisfied with it. But by now I've been through a divorce and had two two kids with my new spouse. Clearly I needed a new will. And you know what I found that the 2010 version of Willmaker is even better designed than the old one. Not to mention the fact that Nolo does a superb job with the help. I did the whole job in 20 minutes and still can't believe that I put it off for two years. I've been a long time Nolo fan and the new WillMaker just confirms that they haven't lost their mojo.

  • Amazon Customer - Was using it while walking along the beach and went ...

    Was using it while walking along the beach and went out on a jetty. I had the strap wrapped around my wrist and out of nowhere the clip connecting the lanyard and the phone became disconnected in mid air. The waterproof part works, but something was up with the clip. So my phone is currently at the bottom of the ocean somewhere.

  • Kevin F Frankenfield - What I've been waiting for.

    This is an album I was expecting from Lady Gaga, after hearing her pre-gaga stuff on YouTube. I didn't expect it so soon. She always impressed me with her talent, and this show cases her singer-songwriter abilities. I read a review comparing to Stevie Nicks', Bella Donna. When a friend of mine walked in while I was playing a track, he thought he was hearing a Stevie Nicks song. When he heard the others, he asked who was the singer after Stevie. I explainef it was all Lady Gaga, and he was impressed. Very listenable album, with one weak spot. Great work!!! If you're expecting dance music, then you might be disappointed. I played the total album through immediately after the first time, to see if I really liked as much as I did. I can say, it proved to me to be a quality album.