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  • Just the Truth - Try This Stuff!

    Benefits we've experienced here at our house: (1) Placing in ears regularly, it pulls out excess wax, naturally. Not sure how, but it does. Wax just seems to extract itself almost! (2) Those of us willing to drink a little twice each day, plus place in ears have not had one cold or flu yet this winter. Those in the household who don't follow the regimen, HAVE had the usual rounds of sniffles and fevers. (3) Using it as a moisturizer (i'm 47) my skin is amazing: diminished eye-area-wrinkles, silky, silky smooth skin. FAB on face, neck, and hands, as long as you keep the oil out of your eyes. (4) I place it on my scalp every night, and then wash hair in the morning. Again - super soft, soft shiny hair, and i'm 100% grey. Compliments from strangers all the time. Many of the same benefits as hemp seed oil, but even better results on the skin.

  • Mark Wilson - Looks nice, performs like crap...

    I bought the stubby antenna to replace the factory antenna on my 2013 Shelby GT500. While the description boasts no loss in signal, I have found that the radio signal is significantly poorer than with the factory antenna. So in summary, this piece looks cool...but does not perform. I'd avoid it unless you live within city limits.

  • J. Crawford - Tray is way too high

    This tray was designed for the Vista and NOT the Cruz. So if you have a Cruz this tray will be way too high. The manual and website are misleading. The tray may work for a child over 9 months sitting in a Vista stroller. But in a Cruz stroller your kid probably would need to be over about 2 years old to use this tray. We're very disappointed with this purchase.

  • Alicia - Five Stars

    I've always loved this hair treatment. It has changed, but for the better I think. I use it everyday!

  • Rhianna Parkinaon - Who wouldn't feel good about drinking an extra 24 oz of water

    Not only is this product delicious, but it was also satisfying enough to not need that extra snack - or soda. That is saying a lot. Who wouldn't feel good about drinking an extra 24 oz of water, instead of soda. Definitely will be purchasing again!

  • Rod Collins - The best I have used

    This product is so much better than either of it's main competitors. I McAfee at work but this is so much better. It actually works without having problems. I have used this product for 4 years now and do not intend to use any other.

  • Shadow Raven - Very good SSD, I miss the RAPID mode in Windows 10

    I read the reviews online on this site and the "expert" reviewers on other sites. Samsung seems to be the top of the line. I was running out of space on my 120 GB drive so I replaced it on my laptop with this drive. It works great. I haven't had any problems that I'm aware of. Once you try an SSD (solid state drive) like this, you'll never want to go back to a standard hard drive (HD). The warranty also is good.