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  • Amazon Mom - Works great in suburbs and rural areas

    I've been using the Stubby Antenna on my 2016 Sienna for over 6 months now. It works great It was easy to install (well easy for my husband to install, I must admit I had him put it on). I live in a metro area and have never had any static while listening to the radio. I have also used this antenna while taking road trips to very rural areas and The Stubby works just as well as or better than the stock antenna.

  • skier - huge waste of money

    This product is worthless. I didn't see any improvement in my skin after using it serveral times. A big waste of time and money.

  • m.ozolins - I love the New Yorker Magazine

    It is filled with intelligent content, interesting reviews and great cartoons. I love the multi-media features in the Kindle edition. It's a great read and I look forward to each issue, as I have for many years

  • mrjuancho - Great for those in I.T.

    I work on computers over 8 hours a day and prior to using this mat I started to suffer pain in my thumb joints. After a few days of use the pain went away and I feel an overall comfort that no other mat has offered.

  • Kevin Ashworth - My kids even noticed the poor fit. I am so disappointed

    Got a $125 gift card from my mom for Christmas, paid an additional $100 to get the form-fit liners for our 2014 Expedition. Made the order, waited almost 3 weeks to receive them. They arrive yesterday, all in one box. The fronts are individually wrapped, which I'd expect. However the one-piece, 2nd row liner is unwrapped and folded in half in the box. Take them all out and only the driver side front actually fits correctly, the front passenger liner has a 1-2" gap between the liner and the side of the floorboard where it meets the dash. The 2nd row liner - likely from being folded in half for over for a week while it was being shipped - doesn't align to the contours of the 2nd row floorboard at all. My kids even noticed the poor fit. I am so disappointed. I think I may send them back, just not sure it's worth the hassle, and also don't want to hurt my mom's feelings since it was a gift.