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  • K. Connolly - The ball that made me switch from the Pro V-1

    First, a little background: I'm a low single digit handicap, ~5'9" tall, average build, and in my early 60's. Although I've experimented with a wide variety of ball brands and types over the last decade, I've always gone back to the Pro V-1. This ball changed that.

  • Jennifer Gieser - Interruption of the firmware update process could render your Silhouette CAMEO┬« 3 inoperable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so disappointed, I received this item last night as a birthday present from my husband and fresh out of the box it doesn't work. I have a friend who has the older version of this machine she uses for a business and just loves it. During the Firmware update and error came on the screen and closed down the firmware software rendering my machine un-operable right out of the box. There is a warning during the update process to not power down or unhook any cords and to follow all directions on the computer screen. All cords were properly attached. I did not power down my machine. The firmware simply failed and closed down. I am extremely frustrated. I read a few other reviews that Silhouette America was really unable to assist individuals with this error and the machines have to be returned. I am scared if I get a replacement machine the same thing will happen.

  • jared - RIP OFF

    DO NOT BUY PRODUCTS FROM HERE! Do yourself a favor & go elsewhere.The stuff does not work,and when you try to reach them you cant

  • Willy Jay - Clunky with potential

    Works - sort of. They could sweep turdbo trax with little effort if they streamline their product and keep it cheap. Needs work on the compatibility, e-file and help areas - quick!

  • Dawn Mazur - Irritated Gall Bladder Relief

    This is a miracle for me... Really! It was recommended by my naturopath for my 'hot' irritated gall bladder. This has been difficult to turn around until recently. This in combination with Cholacol, and tinctures of asparagus and burdock, is slowly eliminating this painful condition. After being on this protocol (all 4 of these items) for 60 days now and am finding long term relief. For the first 4 weeks I took 2 of these 4 times daily. Now I take 2 of them daily and find this is enough to calm my gall bladder symptoms.