Focused Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials | Praxis - Praxis is a focused patient recruitment agency. We find the right patients for clinical trials and pharmaceutical drug studies worldwide.

  • Experienced Patient Recruitment Agency | Praxis - Praxis is an experienced patient recruitment agency providing patient insights, patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials.
  • Patient Recruitment Services and Capabilities | Praxis - Praxis provides patient recruitment services including profiling, media strategy, advertising and design, marketing, social media, and websites.
  • Praxis - Clinical Trial Analytics for Patient Recruitment - Clinical trial analytics plays a role in Praxis recruitment campaigns. We employ linguistic analysis, SPSS and Google Anlaytics for every clinical trial.
  • Praxis - Community Outreach for Patient Recruitment - Praxis works with community support groups, medical clinics and doctors and physicians to find patients for clinical trials and medical studies.
  • Creative Patient Recruitment Advertising | Praxis Communications - Praxis develops creative patient recruitment campaigns to attract potential patients for clinical trials. We develop creative marketing and advertising.
  • Praxis - Digital Advertising for Patient Recruitment - Praxis develops unique online patient recruitment digital advertising. Websites, social media and online marketing plans for each clinical trial.
  • Praxis - Influencer Outreach for Patient Recruitment - Praxis researches potential influencers on social media channels. Our specialists evaluate bloggers who may be able to reach patients for clinical trials.
  • Praxis - Global Patient Recruitment and Clinical Trial Management - Praxis is based in Buffalo, NY but our global reach has allowed us to conduct clinical trial site management and global patient recruitment.
  • Praxis - Advertising for Clinical Trials - When advertising for clinical trials, Praxis media specialists develop strategic plans for patient recruitment using radio, print, and tv advertising.
  • Clinical Trial Management and Project Management | Praxis - Praxis project managers implement all facets of patient recruitment programs and go on-site to assist with clinical trial management.
  • Clinical Trial Protocol Feasibility | Praxis Communications - Praxis performs protocol feasibility for potential clinical trials. We analyze, then build customized solutions for targeted patients for each protocol.
  • Praxis - Clinical Trial Patient Retention - Praxis helps keep patients committed to their clinical trial. Retention tactics include branded study gifts, reimbursement programs and study reminders.
  • Clinical Trial Site Relations and Study Management - Praxis manages patient relations at clinical study sites. Our site relationship specialists provide day-to-day recruitment support and patient retention.
  • Praxis - Social Listening for Patient Recruitment - Praxis specialists perform research and use social listening to uncover your target audience and find patients for clinical studies.
  • Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Agency | Praxis - Contact Praxis for help with patient recruitment, patient profiling, outreach and patient recruitment for clinical trials and medical studies.

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