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  • Eagle Bear - This Navage System sucks. lol- I love it.

    This thing really sucks! LOL! It works like ti should and well worth the price if you have nasal issues. Better than shoving medicine down your throat. Healthier. I recommend it highly as well as the dealer. Thank you

  • C. Gottlieb - wonderful beauty secret

    I originally bought this product after seeing a presentation on QVC with Dr. Denese. The product also included a hydrating serum as a duo product packaging. With the 2 products, I have to say, my rosacea is very minimal and my pores are non-existent. This product as well used with her serum work exactly as stated in her literature. I tried to write this type of review for QVC but it was denied as not applicable and did not meet their criteria for a review! So from now, I find this product CHEAPER on Amazon with an extremely prompt delivery. I LOVE this product and so does my daughter. We both cannot live without it. My skin has not looked better even in my youth!

  • Gr M - Works well..

    In my case, it helps me with the acid reflux since it's directly connected to the irritability. It does have very profound calming effect, but not like tranquilizers--just makes me more relaxed (laid back) without being sleepy or slow.

  • J. Muse - DRM will not allow the game to launch

    I was very excited with my initial purchase of this game... Spore really looked like a very fun, novel idea that had been long in the making.

  • Amazon Customer - Really dont care for it. Made very very cheaply ...

    Really dont care for it. Made very very cheaply...ill be surprised if it lasts the year. I should have returned it.

  • Alex Parshall - Great tasting and really soothing

    I'm not a big tea drinker in general, but recently came down with a respiratory infection and read some information online recommending this tea with Camphor oil drops in it.