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  • Judy in California - It worked!

    Happy, happy, happy tonight! All my tests for diabetes are now normal. Thank you Mary Kay Grossman! Back in March I was diagnosed with prediabetes (which runs on both sides of my family). Initially, I tried to control it with a glycemic index diet, but it got worse instead of better after 6 months. So in September I read the Insulin Resistance Diet and began following the program in this book. It worked! I'll be following this program for the rest of my life.

  • Sam Maroney - It Works!

    I don't know what's in this cream, but I can tell you one thing for sure--IT WORKS! I have terrible arthritis in both knees and am in constant pain. I use this cream 4-5 days a day, and am almost pain free. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this product!

  • Eric - Good Product at a good price - Instructions could be a little clearer

    Good Product at a good price. As with other reviews, the issue is in the installation. As indicated with the instructions and other reviews, the front and back are different lengths. What is less clear is which side is right (passenger side) and which is left (driver's side). Underneath the bracket is a single screw, which exposed the part numbers. One side started with LH and the other RH. I would assume this means Left Half and Right Half. If you look at bracket closely, one side is more sloped that the other. The difference is subtle. One looks like about a 80% angle with the other is more like 70%. Based on the RH and LH markers, the more sloped side should face the rear of the car. The more perpendicular side faces forward. When I put the rack on in this manner, all of the screws lined up well.

  • very good gallery shooter. good diversity of weapons. be prepared to have to buy glu credits if on a kindle - These products really work!!!

    OMG! This stuff actually works! I have had very long hair for a very long time. I wear it tied back most of the time, and it has broken at the temples leaving me with a high hairline and mini bald spots at the temples. After 2 weeks of using all three of these products as recommended on the label, I have baby hair strands growing at the temples and hairline of my forhead about 1/2 inch long now. Highly recommend!

  • DaneinOregon - Simply the best

    Both my daugther and I love this cream. My daugther has super sensitive skin, and we have been spending a fortune on special Clinique products (Redness Solutions series) since that was the only thing her skin would tolerate. Then we stumbled upon the Sebamed products and have used them ever since. Will recommend highly both for quality and price.

  • Cree tech - Does he not have a mom?

    this is a good book to encourage my little one to talk about all the fun things he and his dad does. but we didn't even make it half way through and my 3 y.o. was distracted by the fact that the boy doesn't have a mom.