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  • Mary Frame - Incredibly Soft and Absorbent

    This is a really remarkable towel and impressed me far beyond what I was expecting. I was just hoping for a small towel that I could use after working out or after washing my face, basically just to dry up a small amount of water but this is so absorbent. I purchased the small towel and decided to give it a little absorbency test to see how much water it could handle by using it to dry off after taking a shower. This was able to completely dry my soaking body and it only felt a little damp even though it is half the thickness and less than half the size of my bath towel. Normally my bath towel gets patches where it is soaked but this towel barely got damp. This would be great to take to the gym since it is super lightweight and doesn't take up a lot of space in your bag and is effective for drying you off after you take a shower and it stays dry enough that you could put it back in your gym bag without getting everything else wet. For me, I'm going to make this my go-to towel when I go swimming since it is so absorbent. Plus the material is incredibly soft and feels great against your skin. Even though it is not necessarily the intended purpose of this towel, I might like to get one of the large ones as a utility towel. If I ever had something awful like a small flood in my house that required a towel or two this type of towel would be the first thing I'd want to grab. I understand that when choosing among products it is important to vet the legitimacy of reviews. I received a sample of this product at a reduced cost in exchange for my full evaluation. I always make a concerted effort to fully articulate the positive and negative aspects of the products I receive and am not incentivized to leave a positive review.

  • Lisa - Good product

    I got the TV Wall Mount in a timely manner and without any issues or damage. It is very sturdy it doesn't look like the cheap ones that you would be afraid to put your TV on in fear it would hit the ground and shatter I have a 52" TV and I wasn't afraid to put it up with the fortress mount wall mount. Thank you Fortress mount you have a great product I will be recommending your wall mount to all of my friends and family.

  • EmperorKnight64 - Ps4 working great ^_^

    Happy with ps4 it is easy to setup, I just want to say though when I first turned it on I noticed the disc drive was making loud noises, So after I had set it up I shut it down and turned it vertically and then turned it back on the noise stopped and I popped in a blu ray movie and everything was fine. I think maybe cold weather here or just from sitting around in the warehouse caused the drive inside to stick.