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  • Holly - ... been waiting for Georgies story and it did not disappoint. it was amazing

    I have been waiting for Georgies story and it did not disappoint. it was amazing, actually beyond amazing. I will say that Luca was a bit of a hard point for me to get to love but by the end i was in love with him. Yet another amazing book by Rachel!

  • Wendi Ragon - This product is a perfect example of FALSE advertising

    Absolutely does not do what it claims. I used it in the bathroom on the tiles and it DOES NOT WORK!!! I am returning it and expecting a full refund! This product is a perfect example of FALSE advertising. Do Not Buy it!!

  • William Barbour - awesome modem

    after I tried and failed attempt to buy this modem from amazon (its ok amazon made up for it) I ended up buying it from another website. it works great. movie streaming is great.

  • SlapHappy - Product works, but be careful

    I must admit, after seeking and seeking help from drs who ultimately didn't help me at all (You're young. You're healthy. Drink water, take vitamins....), I resorted to self diagnosis. I don't condone that path, but when you are desperate....

  • Heidi Borgia - Crash, Crash, Crash

    Purchased the latest version of this program and running on my brand new MacBook Pro running the latest OS (10.8.2). Imported data - no problem. Looks great. Start entering invoices....crash. Restart. 2 more invoices. Crash. So on and so forth. Called tech support and had to pay either $49 for one phone call or $85 for 3 months. I did it. As tech takes temporary control over your computer, they saw it crash 5 times. Tried all of the help steps together. Crash. Sent file in for repair. They said nothing was wrong with the file or the program. In the end, they said it must be a problem with my operating system. I asked if this does indeed work with the latest Mac operating system and they said yes. So how can it be the operating system? Told me there must be a conflict - maybe some strange customer file, or template (I have used the standard template and also one of my own and still - crash). There is no other help beyond this. So I have paid for the software I cannot use, the $85 for tech support, countless hours and... I'm about to crash. If Intuit does reply to this email, I would love more than the standard corporate response. This is a big problem for me - my entire business runs on Quickbooks - and now looks like I have to resurrect my old computer and go back to Quickbooks for Mac 2009 (will this work on my new computer?) and ask for a refund (is that possible - downloaded about 7 days ago)?