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  • angeljoy - Bent but not broken

    I voluntarily reviewed this advance copy of this book. This was a good read. It had a lot of action and suspense. The relationship between Jodie and Dante begins when her family is murdered and she is kidnapped she is just a casualty of the war of families. He never thought he would fall for anyone especially a job. Loved this one.

  • Renina Varfaj - This product is excellent to start studying for the pharmacy technician certification exam

    I received this product for free in exchange of my honest review. This product is excellent to start studying for the pharmacy technician certification exam. The way the book is organized is really logical and starts with a presentation, with a theory part about the most important topics related to this field. The theory is summarized and it comes in a logical way according to all the areas of studying. The first part of the book comes with the organized theory and then comes the exam part. Then comes the part of the right answers and bibliography to see for further study.The answers are organized and explained why the right answer is the right choice and not the other options for the exam questions. Good preparation.

  • Maheswar - It should be in your health plan - a must read

    I got my first cellphone/wifi router 8 years ago and I have been using them till now. It had some slow debilitating effects on my health. I still do not know the effects of close proximity/chronic exposure to 2/5Ghz radiation. From personal experience, I believe it has some effects on your HPA axis and thyroid function. I am not sure if it impairs cell signaling and affect gut probiotics. I will keep searching for any scientific research articles because it puzzles me how it had such significant impact on how I think and function. I shutdown my wifi router/bluetooth devices and changed it to wired connection. Most of the time I am grounded now.

  • Rick von Heydenreich - Corrupt Data Issues

    There is a problem with the accounts being corrupted. At the time of my problems, there was no solution and no cause. I was only told that it was a known issue. The solution was to reload the information from the bank. The problem with this is I had to do it daily, and I would lose all my memo information. My solution was to go back to Quicken Home & Business 2013 until the problem is fixed. I don't know when that will be, but will contact them after the first of the year.

  • Amazon Customer - slow and steady wins the race

    If I use this faithfully twice a day for a month, then every other day, it is the ONLY thing that nearly stops my adult cystic acne around the chin area. It must be used consistently, and then, it works.