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  • Chrissyg - so pleased with the Caboki

    I am a senior citizen and have some stress going on in my life being a caregiver, so consequently I am losing my hair due to the stress, I am very conscious of my appearance so I ordered this product hoping it would help with my self confidence, well to my surprise it works beautifully, just a little sprinkle here and there in the thin areas and like magic you can no longer tell it is thin there at all! so good to not try to hide the areas by combing my hair in a strange pattern, so confidence building, that I will buy it again for sure, I paid full price for this products and it was so worth it

  • Amazon Customer - Hate that it is a "Kardashian" product, but it works amazingly

    Someone recommended this to me years ago when I had short damaged hair. Now I recommend this to people who want to know how I got such long, thick hair. I hate gimmicky stuff and the fact that the Kardashians endorse this actually turned me off, but after keeping an open mind and using it, I realize it does work and now swear by it. There is a ton of crap out there that promises to lengthen and strengthen hair, but this is the only consumable product I have found to really work. Plus, it is very economical, as a bottle lasts for quite awhile.

  • American Gothic - Like the size variety in this set, 1 bag was defective

    I love these vacuum bags to store winter clothes and linens between seasons. They do double duty in saving space and also protecting my wool clothes from moths. This set comes with multiple size bags and I was excited to get them because all of the ones we've purchased so far have been the really large bags and smaller ones would work out better for my sweaters. The day they arrived I transferred my sweaters over from one of my jumbo bags and used up all 4 of the large and all 4 medium bags. I put them in a drawer and then checked on them a couple days later. At that point 2 of the 8 had failed and were back to full size. The other 6 were holding strong. I thought it might be "user error" so I redid the two that failed and rechecked in a couple days. 1 of those 2 had lost it's seal again but the other one was fine. I redid that one again taking more care to go over and over the end of the bag zipper seal. It's now been a week and of the 8 non-travel bags I tried, 7 of them are fine and just the one seems to be defective.

  • Amazon Customer - Very pleased. One of the few headsets that I have ...

    I initially didn't want to keep these as they looked too large, but after trying them 1 time, I found that they are the clearest sounding Bluetooth that I have purchased. True stereo sound and I was surprised how clear the sound from the phone and how well the microphone on the phone works. Very pleased. One of the few headsets that I have used with my Iphone that actually picks up the phone over 10 feet away. Great product.