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  • Amazon Customer - I love this stuff

    I love this stuff. It's non-toxic, doesn't smell, so easy to use and it cleans porcelain, bathtubs, and showers so much better than all that toxic chemicals. When i first moved into our home (before I developed chemical intolerance), I tried using those toxic shower cleaners and nothing was able to get the old soap scum and grime off the shower walls and floor despite how hard I scubbed, that is, until I tried Shaklee Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste. This product got off the old soap scum and grime with ease. Yeah!!! Oh, it also work on scuff marks on the floor and so many other things that I've probably forgotten.

  • martin omalley - Informative

    I live outside of the US. So my sources for domestic news are the international news services, PBS on video and the New York Times on line. The New Yorker is an enjoyable supplement to the aforementioned sources.

  • Stephen E. Oboczky - Do not buy!

    Do not buy! Limits your choices to keurig coffees only, others will not work. This is a sad attempt for keurig to recover lost profits after the patent on k-cups expired. Don't like competition keurig? Try making a innovative or better product instead of bullying your customers! Not me keurig..........

  • Waynemia - Adds realizm

    This is a well-made, durable unit that adds realism to flight simulations. Saitek is a quality brand. All the drivers and interfaces work without issues on Windows 7 64 bit. I use this with Microsoft Flight Sim X. The only problem I have found is the panel light control does not work. The switch is working but there is an issue in Flight Sim.