\"Harvest Drug and Gift\" Compounding Pharmacy and More than just a Drug Store - \"Harvest Drug and Gift\" is a full service Compounding Pharmacy with the mission to meet the pharmacy and diabetic supply needs of our clients and

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  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/pharmacy/pcab-accreditation/ PCAB Accreditation | HarvestDrug - You wouldn't choose a non-accredited hospital, so why choose a non-accredited pharmacy? Harvest Drug & Gift has earned the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/pharmacy/pharmacists/ Pharmacists | HarvestDrug - At Harvest Drug & Gift, our pharmacists strive to keep the patient at optimal health by building relationships with the patient and doctor. https://www
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/pharmacy/compounding/ Harvest Drug & Gift a Compounding Pharmacy Wichita Falls, Tx | HarvestDrug - Customized medications prepared by a pharmacist to a doctor’s specifications. Compounding Pharmacies make medications using raw chemicals, powders and devices.
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/pharmacy/hormone-therapy/ Hormone Therapy | HarvestDrug - http://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/hormone-therapy.jpgHere at Harvest we step outside the box offering individualized Hormone Therapy
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/harvesting-healthy-habits/ Harvesting Healthy Habits | HarvestDrug - Diabetes Self-Management Taking good care of yourself can seem overwhelming when you have diabetes whether you’ve just learned you have it or you’ve had it
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/fashion-gifts/ Harvest Drug & Gift has Designer Jewelry, Clothing, and Gifts | HarvestDrug - Harvest Drug & Gift has Designer Jewelry, Clothing, and Gifts for the Wichita Falls, tx and surrounding area. John Medeiros, Pandora Jewelry, Vera Bradly
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/fashion-gifts/perfect-gifts/ Perfect Gifts | HarvestDrug - https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Vera-Bradley-shelf-1109-e1312958597446.jpg
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/fashion-gifts/shoes/ Shoes | HarvestDrug - https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/shoes-2.jpg Fashion Shoes Comfort Shoes
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/fashion-gifts/handbags-luggage/ Handbags & Luggage | HarvestDrug - https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Vera-Bradley-purse.jpg Harvest Handbag Harvest wanted to bring their customers a high end handbag
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/fashion-gifts/houseware/ Houseware | HarvestDrug - https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/le-creuset.png Le Creuset Le Creuset began producing its first porcelain enamelled cast iron pots
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/fashion-gifts/for-baby/ For Baby | HarvestDrug - Jellycat Jellycat has a passion for design. They are heavily influenced by the fast changing world of fashion and as a result of this they introduce hundreds of
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/feet/ Feet | HarvestDrug - Hurt less, walk better Trusted physician resource since 2001. Harvest has been dedicated to pedorthist needs for 10 years, and has worked closely with
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/comfort-shoes/ Harvest Drug & Gift Diabetic Shoes, Orthopedic Shoes, Comfort Shoes | HarvestDrug - Harvest Drug & Gift has Mens and women's shoes to fit everyday comfort and style needs. Made for comfort,healthy feet,diabetic supply. Alegria, Naot, MBT,
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/pharmacy/ Harvest Drug & Gift a Compounding Pharmacy Wichita Falls, Tx | HarvestDrug - Harvest Drug and Gift is a local family owned Compounding Pharmacy in Wichita Falls, Tx. Full service pharmacy provides diabetic education and Hormone Therapy.
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/diabetic-center/ Harvest Drug & Gift Diabetes Education and Supply Center | HarvestDrug - Harvest Drug & Gift wants to educate customers with diabetes how to live better.Providing them with Diabetic supplies necessary.Aetrex MBT NOAT Alegria Harvest
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/store-owners/ Store Owners | HarvestDrug - Rick and Janet BeardSince 1982 owners Rick and Janet Beard, have been very committed to your health and well-being. They proudly devote their professional time
  • https://www.harvestdrugandgift.com/media/ Videos | HarvestDrug - Harvest Videos Have a look at some of our past commercials and videos. Info Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4 Video 5 Video 6 Video 7 Video
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  • marieangel - love IT!


  • Bubbatech - Dubious

    I replaced the stock radio in a 2011 Prius with this unit. The install was very easy and there were no problems with fit or finish in terns of the match with the dashboard. Overall, the unit functions well. Looking at the other reviews, I wonder if there has been a firmware update or something because i have not encountered the problems with functionality described by some of the other reviewers. One example is that I have no problems with the zoom level on the gps. I have set the zoom to a comfortable level, which for me was 256 feet, and it has stayed at that setting, even after being turned off. The routing has worked OK, although I have not tested it extensively. No problems with bluetooth either. I installed a backup camera as well. When first started, the unit can take a few seconds to display the backup picture (about 5s). The time is shorter once the unit is on. As mentioned by the other reviewers, it does sound better than my stock non-JBL unit.. At the time of this writing, the Amazon price was $1400, which is completely insane. It is not worth that amount, but at a lower price, it can be a good value. I am very pleased and would buy it again.

  • Yourbrokenoven - Great phone.

    Exynos processor. ISOCELL camera sensor. No Carrier bloatware. Suspiciously missing the Galaxy S7 Edge logo on the back shown in the photo. Aida64 shows the correct info, though.