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    This nasal aspirator puts all others to shame. My 9 month old girl has a stuffy nose often. The Baby Vac Aspirator clears her nose about 90% even when heavily congested. We already owned a small wet / dry vac, so simply removed the paper filter. Cleaning the vaccum is simple with a littel Dawn dishwashing liquid and a quick soak out on the patio. This nasal vac makes the old bulb we have look primitive. And the nasal vaccum that looks like a fabric lint shaver isn't much different. The Baby Vac Nasal Aspirator puts them all to shame and allows my baby to breathe much easier. I'm ordering another one (or maybe two) to keep at grandparents homes. Even if I have to buy them a small wet/dry vac to go along with them, it's absolutely worth it.

  • There's no I in Team (but there is ME)! - smells AMAZING, and I love that it's biodegradable

    Lathers gorgeously without the dreaded sulfates, smells AMAZING, and I love that it's biodegradable, so I can wash the big dogs outside and not hurt the lawn.

  • Bobbie - Rick Steve's' is the Travel Saint.....

    Rick Steves is consistently good at everything he suggests & reviews. I can think of only one instance where he recommended a restaurant in the Umbria region that ended up to be disappointing. Otherwise, you can be sure that anything he recommends will be a pleasure & a great experience.

  • Mike - Super Knockout Video Production!

    Wow is all I can say! If you don't have this recording and you like Joe Bonamassa you have got to get this. One of Joe's best yet. Fabulous sound reproduction and wonderful 1080p video. A wonderful and engaging production overall.

  • Aaron - Refreshing

    This was a very refreshing take on fantasy, myth and magic style of stories. So many recent novels are to complicated and shallow. The character development was excellent and the slow buildup to revealing magic, elves, gods , dwarves and such was very well done.

  • dulcat - Great resource for anyone wanting to market their photos.

    Fantastic resource guide for every kind of photography market. Plus access to a free 1-year subscription to for even more information.

  • Ashley J. - Disappointing

    Season 5 has been a real disappointment so far. I love these types of shows, and Paranormal Witness was very good in past seasons, but Season 5 is just lame. Ouija boards, Mothman ... give me a break. And all episodes seem to end without resolution; the people just run away from the activity. It's as bad as Ghost Adventures, without the unintentional hilarity that makes GA worth watching when there's nothing better on. I'm disappointed that I spent money on this.