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  • Brackish - Nice mudgurards

    Ordered these because the OEM replacements were three times as much. Glad I did, I think they are equal to or better than the OEM. Would have been five stars but they came in with one hole missing and one of the paint protection film pieces die cut improperly. Husky acknowledged the error and made every effort to make it right very quickly. They offered to replace, however I used the OEM as a template and drilled the missing hole. You will need to save the existing screws to reuse but don't worry about getting the push pins out intact, they are not reused. Husky provides the hardware (better than OEM) to replace the push pins. They were easy to install in about thirty minutes on my 2007 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner. They are custom fit and look like they will be long lasting. So five stars on the final result, three stars on initial quality reciept, for an average of four.

  • richard j moon - Well meaning, but falls far, far short of the mark

    How many times do I have to read the word "cracked" in a paragraph? This seems to have been a poor attempt to rewrite a kind of movie version of "Starship Troopers". I'll be frank and brief. This was painful to read, but I trudged on, hoping it would get better. It didn't. From the description of weapons alone, to the relationship between privates to NCOs its evident then author has no idea what he's writing about. I think he tried to get me, the reader , to empathize with the !ain characters using some pretty transparent devices. Then the main character would change his mind on his plight, so that went out the window. All I felt at the and of this series was the disbelief that I actually read this. This review applies to all the books in the series.

  • J. Fazio - Bob Single Stroller Infant Car Seat Adaptor for Chicco

    Awesome item. I also noted the one reviewer that said the adapter does not fit older BOB strollers: there are different product numbers for various year models of BOB strollers. Simply visit the BOB stroller site and search for this product. At the bottom of the product page they list a compatibility chart, with which car seat adapter to purchase, based upon the production year model of your BOB stroller and the manufacturer of your car seat. Hope this helps!

  • Andra Williams - finacial management

    A very easy to read book. Very good information. I like how it shows how to work the problem in different ways. I could not use the CD that came with it. Perhaps my PC is not compartable with the software. I was a little disapointed with that.

  • Gary Thomas - I love Lucy.

    I love Lucy...I love Desi...I love the book. I live an hour away from Jamestown and I have always liked following Lucy. Like millions of Americans I am saddened by the outcome of Lucy & Desi's marriage but have always admired the legacy they left. The book touched on a number of places that I have visited in Jamestown and Hollywood...including the house of the book made me feel like I was there. A great read if you're a fan of the show.

  • Heather Greene - Sound quality I find these to be somewhat warm though with a good extension from bass to the upper frequencies quite a pleasant

    Included with this pack of headphones are 3 extra sets of tips (one pair pre-fitted) and a mesh padded storage bag/micro USB charging cable. Styling is very much aimed at those who are into sports or similar activities the flexible plastic clip curls behind the ear making it near impossible for the buds to fall off, not everyone likes this style of earphone but I find it effective and it's comfortable too.