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  • N. DeGuzman - Yeah, It's That Good

    Definitely Gaga's most personal, eclectic, and socially conscious album yet. Sure, I do somewhat miss the pumping dance tracks of her previous work, but that's peanuts in the face of the intimacy and broad-reach of this album. And I liked this more on first listen than BTW and Artpop.

  • Alex Clark - Doubter turned into believer

    I was very leery of this because it is a supplement and usually I don't ever see a huge difference in my health when I take supplements. I usually assume they are doing all of the internal work that I just can't feel or see. But when you are waking up in a puddle of your own sweat, you tend to be a little bit more willing to give things a try. So, I did. I looked at a few different supplements and settled on Estrolibrium. It seriously was the best decision I have made when it comes to deciding to improve my quality of life. It is hard to really put in words all of the ways I feel better but to put it simply, I literally just feel like me again. I can hop out of my bed in the morning, well not hop but I can ease my way up in the morning and face my day with happiness and optimism. It feels great. 

  • JeepJK13 - I don't recommend using a Dremel or a razor blade

    Panel has been pre marked where to install each switch. I don't recommend using a Dremel or a razor blade, but you can go to any Lowe's (or similar)store and get a soldering / wood burning gun/pen torch aka HOT KNIFE (make sure you got the gun with the applicable tips for cutting or burning wood). use that to cut out however many desired switches (up to 4) you would like to put in.

  • lwp99 - Good investment for maintaining batteries.

    Used this to charge/test my RV battery - learned it had a bad cell. Will continue using on a regular basis to maintain the battery. I like the variable charging rates, plus the indicator lights provide the necessary information on charge status or battery failure. I'm hopeful the Desulfater feature will extend the battery life.

  • Keen07 - Worked well

    I bought Tend Skin when I started to get a bunch of ingrown hairs after I would shave my legs. I started using it right away, and saw a definite improvement after using it a couple of times. It burned a bit when I applied it to my legs, but I think it was because I had dry skin. It smells like rubbing alcohol, but it doesn't seem to linger. I recommend using this if you have problems with ingrown hairs.