Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip replacements hip recall, - The Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip replacement system has been recalled. If you had hip replacement surgery, this website community was created for you.

  • Contact Lisé Markham,, a resource for the DePuy hip recall - Share your story and voice your concerns anonymously. Use this website as a tool and contribute to the collective voice of recipients of the DePuy hip.
  • Hip replacement surgery and the DePuy hip recall public resource - Public forum to get help, advice, and information related to the Johnson & Johnson DePuy hip recall. Connect with others who have experienced the same.
  • Lisé Markham’s personal story with the DePuy hip replacement system - In March, 2008, Lisé Markham received a new DePuy right hip made by Johnson & Johnson. In less than two years, the defective DePuy hip had to come out.
  • Biography for Lisé Markham, broadcasting, marketing and media expert - Lisé Markham is a new media consultant focusing on the business development side of digital brand marketing using her broadcast, analytic, and mobile expertise.
  • Legal advice for DePuy hip recall, hip replacements, Johnson & Johnson - DePuy defends this device regardless of the recall. Raise your collective voice by joining this site and share your story about hip replacement surgery.
  • News for Johns & Johnson DePuy hip recall and hip replacement recovery - News for hip replacement patients: Stay informed on breaking news related to Johnson & Johnson’s, DePuy hip recall and hip replacement recovery.
  • Press Release: lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson for DePuy hip recall - Patients of the DePuy hip recall filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson after hundreds fail. Read comments from recipients of the DePuy hip system.
  • Video testimonials from recipients of the DePuy hip replacement system - View video clip testimonials from patients who received the Johnson and Johnson, DePuy hip replacement sytem. Hear from a lawyer who explains your rights.
  • What you may not know about hip replacement surgery and the DePuy hip - Find answers to questions you may not know about hip replacement surgey. Questions to ask your doctor and advice on what to do.
  • Tips and advice when seeing other doctors about your DePuy hip replacement - Eight important tips when you have to see other doctors regarding your Johsnon & Johnson, DePuy hip replacement system and surgey. A must read!
  • Imortant links to resources for patients of the DePuy hip recall - We work hard to bring you important links that will help you find answers to your questions related to the Johnson & Johnson, DePuy hip recall.
  • Flawed DePuy Hip Implant Had Early F.D.A. Notice - - Before recalling an all-metal artificial hip, Johnson & Johnson insisted it was safe and maintained that company-sponsored studies refuted complaints that the device was flawed.

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