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  • R. Ault - Much worse from a performance standpoint than the worst of the old Norton products.

    I have a number of systems here, including desktops and laptops with varying types of connectivity. They range from old 700GHz P4 units up to recent, relatively fast quad-cores, and I run a range of different antivirus programs as well - under the theory that since no single solution is ever 100% up to date (as proven by the failure of each and every one of them to detect new threats that have gotten through in the past) it is wise to have several different methods of detection of malware on the network-connected systems. As a result, I've had Symantec's Norton Internet Security and the free versions of AVG and Avast in use for some time, and I recently added Kaspersky Internet Security on one of the most heavily-used machines. And I am annoyed to have to say that Kaspersky has, by far, proven to be the worst from a system performance hit standpoint. I will most likely swap the Kaspersky out for AVG or Symantec, or perhaps try one of the previously untested competitors, in the very near future. At present, Kaspersky has been running a full system scan on this machine for 11 hours, and it is only at 22% completion. Part of the problem appears to be that it stalls almost totally when it encounters something that it considers a threat that is inside of an archive of any kind; some old backups from a website that had been hit years ago with a worm triggered a warning earlier, and since I really didn't need those backups anymore, I told it to eliminate the threat. That was about an hour ago. Any minute now, it will pop up another dialog box telling me that it can't get rid of the threat without deleting the whole archive, to which I will reply by clicking on the "Delete" button, and it will take a good many minutes more for it to follow that instruction. I know this because I've already been through this lather-rinse-repeat cycle over both such infected-website-backup archives and some inbound emails that had trojans inside zips. Even with those far simpler emailed zipfile attachments (containing nothing *but* the malware) it took a long time for Kaspersky to deal with them. Its own internal update routines also seem to have issues; five days ago, Kaspersky complained that it needed to update itself (which seemed odd, since I had it configured to do that automatically) and the update stalled at 17% for more than 24 hours before I finally rebooted and restarted the process.

  • jwilson - I'm liking it better than Windows!

    I just downloaded this product to my Macbook Pro after debating for months whether to go with Office for Mac 2011 alone or do the whole subscription thing with 360. After finally deciding I wasn't too keen on the subscription idea, downloading took a few minutes, installation took a couple, updates took a minute or two and I was using and printing from Office for Mac within 15 minutes after clicking 'Buy' ... At this point, I couldn't be happier with this product. Amazon has discounted prices and flawless installs. The UI of Office for Mac is sleek and simple which is great. I am almost liking it better than Office for Windows! My only wish is that Microsoft would make Publisher for Mac. However, I was able to easily create a calendar with Word. I haven't used PowerPoint or Excel yet but if they're anything like Word, I see no issues (thus far). I definitely recommend this product!

  • Jenn Reedy - LIFE CHANGING!! ! WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN??! ????

    I first tried these with great hesitation & was not expecting to like them. I LOVE THEM!!! I have always had a super heavy period. I go thru a pad in like 20-30 mins. I've used super tampons & overnight thin ultra maxi pads TOGETHER and still leaked. I have it for about 8-10 days too , ugh 😝. Well, THESE were a blessing!! I can wear 1 for 5 hours at my heavy time & 8-10 the rest ! After you figure out the learning curve on how to properly insert it, get it in it's place, you are Golden! I just can't get over these! NO CRAMPS from tampons, I don't even know it's in there! I have not leaked & no longer need 2 forms of protection at a time & spend a small fortune each month on the both! These are so cost efficient, they work well, & a GREAT perk- SEX with your period is no longer messy!!! 👏💕🎉 woohoo!! This little gem in place allow you to have sex & not make a mess. Unless you get umm, kinda rockin' it will stay put & it's up there so it's not in the way or bothersome for you or Him! That alone makes me want to buy a truck load!! But they also work, stay in, easy to get out when you want, no leaks, no cramps, & it hold a lot of fluid! This is the best thing since the tampon was introduced! It's better.

  • Chris - Disappointed

    I love Ojon and it appears to be going out of business based on Ulta having on the clearance rack and not getting any more in stock. I have been using Ojon for a long time and it is by far the best product for my hair on all accounts. Unfortunately it does not last long and for the price of the tub I can see why it might not be able to survive. This tub was a different color than it has been in the past and does not have the same smell. I think maybe they changed the make up of it and that might have something to do with its demise. This is a off white real faded yellow color whereas the old version was brown and somewhat gritty. Of them dissolve in your hand upon moving it around but the consistency, color, smell and quality is definitely off for the price of $38. Im so sad because I loved this stuff.

  • J Will - Pricey but effective.

    Affresh Washer Cleaner was recommended by Whirlpool. I don't use it as frequently as suggested because I wipe and dry the door gasket after each laundry and keep the washer door open. Affresh does a great job keeping the washer clean and fresh smelling. I've never had a musty smell in my washer.

  • Alan L. - Macy is great as Frank

    I am addicted to this show. I think Mr. Macy is great as Frank. Can't wait to see what Frank does next.


    love this as a deep conditioner. it tingles when it is applied to the hair. i do wish it came in a bigger size.