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  • Timothy Wetherill - Original Gorilla glue, good stuff

    Great product line, Gorilla glue does an awesome job adhering broken ceramic figurines to bonding wood and plastic easily. Many uses, Solid and proven fixer for those "oops" times when the feather duster knocks items off the shelf and you don't want to score the wrath of your spouse. Gorilla glue saves relationships!

  • Amazon Customer - I thought my floors were ruined for ever ... but luckily I found a solution.

    If your floors look terrible after using this product, like mine did, i found a solution to totally remove it and any other waxy build up you may have. I thought I ruined my floors when rejuvenate left huge ugly cloudy streaks and droplets on my hardwood floors. A friend told me to use Varsol to totally strip and remove the waxy cloud, but I have Cystic Fibrosis so my lungs could never stand that much odor. I looked around and found a product called TPL which came in a spray. I simply sprayed it on my floors, spread it around with a mico fibre right away , let it dry for 15 minutes and BAM ... all the crap was lifted off, back to the original floors. Sure, the shine is not as brilliant, but i could, if i wanted, try another wax or product now as my floors are totally clean. They look great and I will never use this product again. Hope this helps someone else who finds themselves in the same boat.

  • Michael Bess - Extremely biased

    Chock full of preposterous right-wing stereotypes about academia. The title should more clearly indicate the book's systematic political bias against anything except the most extreme conservative values and institutions. A superficial and misleading book. If you decide to buy it, then I would suggest you approach it with the same critical skepticism that you should adopt in reading a book written from an extreme leftist ideological viewpoint.

  • Angler973 - A great product that provides peace of mind.

    This is a great product! It assures me that I am not in danger of growing mold or mildew in my Florida vacation home when I am not there. Using it is simplicity itself. Just plug it in, register it on their website, and tell them how you want to be notified if temper or humidity goes outside your preset range or if the power fails.The cell phone connection that the device uses to communicate with the server is both cheap and reliable. If you own a vacation home, you need to buy one of these.


    We bought these for my wife who has a really bad sprained ankle with resulting swollen toes and foot.

  • Ted McGill - Safety unlimited!

    Renting a house has its limitations. Ours had no security system until last week. The Simpli Safe system arrived, and 30 minutes later my system was up and running.

  • JJacobs - It is the worst. We have tried so many things to rid ...

    This is our second purchase of Miss Muffets. We live in a wet area of Michigan, and we get SO many giant wolf spiders in our basement. It is the worst. We have tried so many things to rid our house of them. We have tried natural things, bombs, other pesticides. We had a pest company come out. Seriously, nothing seemed to work. It was like we didn't even do anything. This stuff works like a charm. Spiders no more! Our kids and our basement are so thankful.