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  • Judy - Love it!

    I like Outlook 2010, even though it was quite expensive, but I can now send emails with pictures and they don't get stuck in my outbox. I am able to coordinate my calendar with my other devices and ICloud. It replaced my Microsoft Live.

  • Elizabeth A. Handren - I so love this series and this one was not a disappointment

    I so love this series and this one was not a disappointment. While some of the outcomes were predictable, I still would reccomend this series to anyone. I love it

  • Diane - Granddaughter Loved it!!

    My granddaughter was just ecstatic at receiving this Barbie. Other reviews that I read said that they were disappointed that Barbie's arms and legs were stationary .....I don't really care. You buy this doll for her fancy dress and hairdo....if you want a Barbie with moveable legs and arms you get another doll.

  • Ellen Burke - Only the best!

    As an older music listener, I'm not always up on everything when it comes out. Great to be able to hear the best all in one place.

  • m.c.jones - One word "SNAKEOIL" My wife and I are different ages ...

    One word "SNAKEOIL" My wife and I are different ages, different ethnic backgrounds, of course different genders, different diets growing up, etc. We both have used this tool for over 35 weeks and not a single new hair has shown itself. If this product is 93% successful, then how can our diverse backgrounds both be part of the 7% failures? We move a piece of plastic over our heads with a red light showing and a beeper every 4 seconds to give the allusion that something happening. Simple is not true. SNAKEOIL pure and simple. We bought the professional 12 unit.