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  • Claudia Benitez - This is the REAL DEAL!

    I bought this product twice in recent months, first at Wish (The chinnese one), then from Amazon (Baby Foot). I was ready to give up on it after the first attempt, because all that happened after that use was increased dryness of my feet. However, after reviewing various websites and YouTube channels, I discovered that almost all of them recommend soaking your feet BEFORE applying the booties, in order to soften the skin, thus allowing for better absorption of the gel. Based on the reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, I decided to give Baby Foot a try. It's basically an acid peel for the feet, and since I routinely use an acid peel for the face with great results, I thought I'd give it a go.

  • Papa T - Amazing what a company will allow on the market dawning their name and logo.

    This thing is complete crap. It's crappiness is far surpassed by the grounding wires. Both of these together do an excellent job of relieving you of you cash. The fit and finish are abhorrent put nicely. It feels like junk and my summation of said unit is it is junk. I am going to keep it for myself as a motivator to myself to always give 100%. It seems the firm who allowed this to market has lost its way in this area. I assure you it's claims of more HP, brighter lights, more more more is all fantasy thinking from some screwball in the marketing department who at sometime must have sustained some sort of head trauma, as no one would describe this deal as being anything but the biproduct of the digestive process. It's cheap, if you want a good laugh order one for your self and enjoy hours of investigation, ridicule, comedy, and a new found pride and things made in the USA and well anywhere else. If you end up real board in the future you could also install this device and compare the huge difference between stock and with this power adder. I love stuff like this, it just shows you that people have such an interesting humor about them. Also what is even more evident is by evaluation of said product you can get an uncanny feel and deep understanding that some of the inhabitants of our great planet have a unique view on standards. I guess I should appreciate low standards, as if it were not for the flexible, unique, and all out denial of standards I would not have my beautiful wife. See this product brings on such deep thought. A must have.

  • Frank L. - Intuit just doesn't care how hard they make it to manage your money

    This is the first product review I have ever written, but I feel I must tell buyers of this software just how frustrating and horrible the Quicken experience is. This software makes it very hard for me to manage my finances. All I wanted was software to help me track my expenses and my accounts, and to download my transactions from my banks. You would think that would be so simple.

  • Xuan - Best backpack I've ever owned

    The design on the backpack is really unique and the backpack itself is really great for a college student like me who has to carry around a lot of books and other school supplies. It has many compartments and pockets where you can put your phone or mp3 player in. The water bottle pockets are secure enough to where you don't have to worry about if your water bottle will fall out if you set the backpack down (a problem I've had with past backpacks) and the straps are really comfortable.

  • Melissa Dodds - Binding fell apart within two uses.

    I've have opened this book twice and the binding is already coming apart. This is pathetic McGraw Hill.

  • XxAmazon$hoppeRxX - Lamisil Is Better Than ZetaClear

    I have been using ZetaClear for about 11 months now and it showed a very slow improvement.. So I stopped using it and decided to see a doctor about it, he recommended I try using Lamisil (or terbinafine) medication. I've been taking it for about 6 months now and I've seen very outstanding improvement on my toes!!! Its almost cleared up except my two big toes on my left and right foot. I totally recommend you seeing the doctor about it before trying anything else. I never seen the doctor about my toes and thought I could try and fix this problem myself, but nothing would work.. JUST SEE THE DOCTOR FIRST BEFORE TRYING ZETACLEAR!!! And practice and live with the word "HYGEINE" for the rest of your life (Its VERY IMPORTANT)!!!!

  • Linda R. - Quiet yet Secure

    I have been using Webroot for over 5 years now. I have used Norton and McAfee in the past. Both of them slowed my computer down enormously, especially when doing a virus scan. Webroot was recommended to me by Best Buy and I have been extremely happy with it. I never know when a virus check is going on. It works quiety in the background, while keeping me secure. I have not had any security issues with Webroot and now I have the newest Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete and it is even greater. It now protects my other devices as well. I most definitely recommend this product.