Metastatic Breast Cancer| IBRANCE® (palbociclib) Capsules| Safety Info - See risks & benefits of IBRANCE®. Learn about IBRANCE® (palbociclib), a Rx medicine used with letrozole for first line treatment of postmenopausal women with ER+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer

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  • Ouija Board -- Whats so bad about it? - Ouija Board -- Whats so bad about it?

    I don't really understand what all this hullabulu is about. So-- maybe some people believe you can be possesed by this board, but really,when my friend got one and we used it, we were fine. We talked to spirits and we learned their names and how old they were, how and when they were murdered, where they were born, and who killed them. We asked and found that there were 9 spirits in the room. I summoned my grandfather and spoke to him. Thats not exactly devilish, if you ask me. Also, I am highly offended by people who are Christian who tell everyone on this site to go pray and that you are sinners if you play with this. This is not a site where you post teachings of religions, it is a review board where you review this product. A lot of your brains don't seem to fully process that. Please, save your religios teachings for church and places like that, and stop harrassing people who aren't Christian or people who just want to have a bit of mysterious fun. IT. IS. A. REVIEW. BOARD. If you don't want to buy it, YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!! Some people want to, so leave them be!!!

  • Brandy35 - Winner of iF Design Award out of 5,000 entries and judged by 58 experts of design!

    Totally love it! It raises the bar for fitness trackers. Not only that but it is your own personal fitness coach! Great news! MOOV NOW™ was chosen as a winner of an iF Design Award in product design out of 5,000 entries judged by 58 experts of design. The iF Award has been recognized for the last 60 years as a label for excellence in design. We are honored to be selected and join the ranks of Adidas, Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Nikon and more with this renowned label. It has also been recognized by Sports & Fitness, ISPO, and Stuff Awards. The best part is that it is cheaper than the competition too! I can get at least 2 of these for the price most trackers. If you are a swimmer, runner, walker, or boxer, you will love this. If you would like to use me as a referral, check it out via this link

  • Andy - Perfect for audio books!

    I was very hesitant with all the reviews but I bought this to listen to books on tape. It has never died on me and I work 6/7 hour shifts. It's fairly large but with the right ear piece stays in. They also include over the ear adapters which help keep it in. The only down fall I would say is that the plastic ear pieces break very easy.