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  • Robert North - Great service

    One of the Wheel covers was damaged during shipping. Probably not their fault (the box was beat up). They fixed the problem right away with professionalism. I would buy something for them again.

  • Mudit Jain - Nice racket for beginner

    I found it to be nice beginner racket. Is very light weight and generates good power for long shots and smashes. Has a decent grip too. I'll probably upgrade to a more expensive one a year later or so.

  • Young Professional - works well - brush is plastic but effective

    the bristles on the brush is plastic but very good at getting tartar off, been using for a week and brush bristles starting to warp a bit, so we'll see how long it lasts. the gel itself is much better than anything i've used before (better than those enzyme toothpastes).

  • Caitlyn Anne - Wonderful for older kids and younger

    Wonderful for older kids and younger. My preschool class enjoyed excavating just to see what its like. A little too young to assemble the dinosaur but it was great for them to have a chance to "excavate" and that was the purpose for purchasing this.

  • Amazon Customer - Must Read for Those Interested in Nutrition

    Wonderful book. This method of eating can help with many conditions and has definitely helped my acid reflux. I am excited to be seeing research coming out in the past few years to support the connects between our gut microbiome and health.