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  • Keelin - No Butterbeer!

    I just received this book and the recipes look great (aside from one served at Nick's deathday party), but I was very disappointed to not find a recipe for butterbeer. Other treats were included such as pumpkin juice, pumpkin pasties, Hagrid's rock cakes, acid pops, Harry's first birthday cake, treacle fudge, treacle tart, lemon drops, peppermint humbugs, canary creams, and also many meals made by Mrs. Weasley or at the Hogwarts feasts, which unfortunately I cannot eat because I am a vegetarian and they are nearly all meat-based. Anyway, great cookbook! =)

  • K. D. rogers - Nice case... Great protection!

    Nice case... Great protection! I ordered the white case. The other reviewers said the case scratched easy and it does. I figured the white case wouldn't show the scratches. I was right, scratches don't show. Just remember to get you screen protector.

  • Shelby - Some nausea (probably varies person to person), but it works

    This isn't a miracle pill that makes you lose weight, but you can feel it working as a pre-workout pill. You get more energy and the thermogenic aspect kicks in fast. The only problem I have with this product is the nausea. About an hour into my workout I'll get this insane rush of nausea. I have to get into a cool place fast, or sit down for 20+ minutes before it goes away. I thought maybe I had burned too many calories and my body was hungry for food/nutrients or I had overheated from the thermogenesis the pill created and that was making my nauseous, but who knows, all I know is that I never get that wave of nausea when I workout without it.

  • liz demoss - ouch

    didn't like this product it hurt a little and was not comfortable to use someone else might like but i didn't