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  • Celeste - Ok book

    The book got here in an acceptable period of time. However, I am very disappointed with the content of the book. It is all about questions and not reviews. I really didn't like it.

  • ahhmericanwoman - Well written story that will redefine the meaning of "luck" for you

    I really enjoyed this book. Heroine Riley lives a relatively ordinary life for a woman in her twenties. She's been wanting to go to Scotland for years, and finally has the money and the time to take the trip with her roommate. On their last day, when they get lost and find themselves in a run-down little town that isn't even on the map, they encounter a strange woman, Kitabah, who some of the locals think may be a witch, but whether or not she is, she sure makes them uncomfortable when she's around! At the end of the evening, she gives Riley a riddle, which will haunt her memories for quite some time. What did the strange lady mean? Why does she think she keeps seeing her after she returns to Boston, and then as soon as she does, something bad happens.

  • JaJen - Nearly Miraculous!

    From the time I was a teenager, and I am 44 now, the skin on my feet has gotten terribly dry. Back then I had satin sheets and they were ruined from my dry skin messing them up by putting little pulls in the fabric.