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  • http://www.indigolapsed.ee/sonad/ Üks kõiksus (2009) | Indigolaste koduleht - 1. Unelaul kõigile, kes homme tööle lähevad 2. Üks kõiksus 3. Väga tõsised inimesed 4. Kalad ei näkka 5. Verevein 6.
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  • JessCo - What Every GM V6 Owner Needs to Know

    It is no secret that GM has thousands of unhappy customers due to bad design of intake manifold gaskets, look it up on the web. After having the intake gaskets replaced three years ago they went again, they last about three years before blowing again due to bad gaskets and the effects of DexCool. I parked my vehicle trying to decide what to do. After much internet research I decided to tr{ this product. I am very pleased to say it works and is well worth the price. I do not know how long the fix will last but at least I can use my vehicle again, if I get another year of driving out of it I'll be happy.

  • crazy cat lady - lots of dead ends- down the 'rabbit hole"?

    I bought this at Target on the clearance rack. As many reviewers, and Telebrands themselves, state- the device simply displays an interface from which you can link to shows you would want to watch. It may be worth $10 for people who stuggle with finding things on the web. I was disappointed because many of the links did not result in an available show. For example- discovery channels shows some free content on line, animal planet (AP) link is listed on the rabbit screen, but when I followed it the commercials will certainly play, but the shows will not. I thought something was wrong with my flash settings etc...in fact, AP was being shown for one month (Dec 2012?)to generate interest- and this resulted in the now non-functioning link on the rabbit screen. On a brighter note, I could find the tiny public local government tv channels, which always play free anyway- but who could find them? And, you'll see displayed channels you may not be aware of, such as news feeds- pentagon news, NASA...I may give this another chance, but right now- it's back to Target on Monday. I can find more entertaining things to do with $10- really (!)

  • donna - I like the bag--it's strong

    I like the bag--it's strong, good organizational compartments, and a strong strap--but found that the material of the bag made it too heavy (even with very little in it) for me to use it everyday commuting and walking around.

  • E259 - Still thinking

    I had no idea when I ordered this book that it was not a Joe Dillard story. Same geography but very different characters. The prison narrative was riveting and I give the author high marks for developing what will likely be a new series. It's just going to take me a while to warm to the new cast.

  • M. D. Standifird - Disaster movie with a plus

    I like apocalyptic end of the world movies. And anytime the destruction starts in LA it is even more enjoyable. The disaster sequences and visual effects are worth the price of admission.