Institut pour la Protection de la Santé Naturelle - L'Institut pour la Protection de la Santé Naturelle (IPSN) est une association sans but lucratif. Sa mission est de défendre et de promouvoir les médecines naturelles par des actions de lobbying, d'information et de défense des médecins.

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  • Wilson Chiesa - GoPro freezes all the time

    I have a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. The GoPro randomly freezes all the time. I followed all the steps advised by GoPro support, but they didn't works for me. With this problem, the GoPro is unusable when you are doing underwater or in a motion sports.

  • Stephanie GV - Love it

    It's a must if you have the UPPA Baby stroller. Definitely helps keep me organized. Way better cup holder than the attachment one that we have.

  • C. Denslow - Current users left out in the cold by greedy pricing model.

    Microsoft has decided to eliminate upgrade pricing on Office 2010. This is supposed to "simplify" things for us poor old consumers who don't understand anything. Well, I understand the concept of a 40% price hike just fine, thank you. The only thing they are simplifying is how to line their pockets at our expense. Now they are focusing on these BS keycard licenses, that only work with office preloaded on new computers and lock the software to one machine. I guess MS doesn't care about current users of office anymore. So, if I want to "upgrade", and since I need MS-Access, it would cost me $500. No way. Sticking with 2007. Too bad there is no open office equivalent to Outlook or Access. If there were, I would ditch office completely.

  • Vegas Luna - i decided to go ahead and post a review of ...

    i decided to go ahead and post a review of this product. I got this in an amazon lightening deal. This thing won't even power on. i followed the instructions to charge the battery for days at different light sockets. I called technical support, they aren't available on saturdays. i might have maybe two hours available during the week to troubleshoot this thing.

  • Joanna Renee - I really don't like hair removal creams

    After reading the hilarious reviews from guys who've used this on their more sensitive spots, I was careful to not do that. I set my back door on fire, I'd be wishing to have a snowman with an erection take advantage of me too. I really don't like hair removal creams, but this was excellent the very for time I dehaired. I've maintained it so that I don't need to use the cream again, but I was really impressed at the results. Leaves your skin nice and smooth. I gave the remainder of the tube to a friend who was also impressed and may order some for themselves in the future.

  • Robert Hardin - Fits Perfectly

    I have a 2013 CRV EX-L. I received my order yesterday afternoon and have to say that shipping was really fast, 2 days faster than the estimate and was in good condition when it arrived. My order did come with instructions, which were clear enough for me to install the bars in 15 minutes.