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  • Sae W. - Beautiful Display

    It's not very often that I take a chance on a brand that isn't the most popular or well known, but I'm so glad I did this time. This monitor is a beauty and the bezel less design is undeniable. I have no prior experience with AOC products, but after receiving such a well designed and budget friendly monitor, I have to put them on my short list for future purchases. With any IPS display, light bleeding is a common compromise, but it was very minimal with this AOC monitor. It has been nothing short of a joy to watch content on and use in my home office for work. It is modern, lightweight and fits right into my professional style setup. If you have any hesitation like I did initially, put your mind to rest and buy this monitor. I know there is alot of focus on the 1440P and 4K monitors now, but for a 1080P panel, this is a must buy. I can go on and on about color accuracy and other technical aspects of this item, but if you just want something that is gorgeous, big and can easily be implemented into daily content consumption and work flow, look no further. I highly recommend this monitor. I'm considering buying a second one.

  • S. C. OBrien - Interesting, but very slanted and at times quite inaccurate.

    I ordered this book on a bit of an impulse, and read it pretty quickly. I was genuinely interested in the historical background provided on the ongoing battle between the monied interests and the "everyday man" in America. His description of FDR's and TR's fights with the "Economic Royalists" was very interesting to me, and I realized that today, FDR would be almost a middle-of-the-road candidate in the 2016 contest.

  • Donna L. Mikrut - Don't buy it!

    The frozen fruit doesn't go thru very easily at all. There's a funny metal after taste. We've tried it several times and it still tastes weird.

  • Marvin D. Pipher - Read it and weep for America, Christianity, and the World

    This book, Volume 1, presents a systematic assessment of the major events in world history which took place during the period from 1763 to 1939. Each succeeding event is reviewed, discussed, and analyzed in the context of its time; with emphasis on why it happened, who caused it to happen, and what its impact was on subsequent events. When world history is examined in this way, it soon becomes apparent that these incidents weren’t separate and unique events, but were part an on-going and much larger scheme. Eventually, as the broader picture comes into focus, an attentive reader is able to discern who was behind them, why and how they happened, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) what the ultimate objectives are.

  • Jacquelyn J. Caccia - No split decision with this book!

    This book is part biography and part writings by RBG. Both parts are interesting. RBG has a distinct, clear, very readable style and my respect for her after reading this is immense. She comes across as not only extremely intelligent but also as just the sort of person you'd love to sit and just talk with. Excellent role model for us all.