Jaap Vliegenthart Photography & Film - Jaap is known for his riveting, brain-teasing photographs. Whether he’s flying in a helicopter to capture shots for professional skateboarder Shaun White’s video game or promoting a higher education for the Hogeschool Van Amsterdam, Jaap’s humor and enthusiasm is reflected in his work. And each of his images is certain to call for a double take.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • SuzieQ1957 - Crappy program

    Firstly, I bought this program specifically to make a photo calendar for my family. I wanted to make a two page calender - the top page for a collage of photos and the bottom page the calendar. This program will only make a one page calendar. Before I bought the program, I was in contact with Hallmark by email, asking if this program would make the calendar I wanted. They said it does, but it doesn't. Secondly, I tried to print one of the test pages I made for 2013, it printed December 2011. No print preview. No way to print only one month when the 12 month calendar was selected. My printer is already a pig on ink so if I made one mistake I would have to reprint all 12 months. Thirdly, I tried to email a card to a friend, and it was sent in a .avi(?) file format. The person couldn't open that type of file.

  • Mandy - Simply didn't work

    This stuff didn't do anything it promised, I see some reviews where people totally rave about it and I wouldn't know how you could use it wrong. It simply didn't remove any grease spots. Actually using it on a greasy surface just to see how it works, it did nothing. Not sure if I received a fake, but I would never buy this again

  • Wyldside - It's great to get the 'set in' dust off things that ...

    I clean almost everything with this stuff. It's great to get the 'set in' dust off things that have been neglected for years, though as always if you're worried about damaging something test a small spot first.

  • Mkod121 - 57 stars

    Ah this book!!!! I loved it. I felt all of the feels right along with these characters. The writing was perfect as usual and the chemistry between Misha and Ryen was off the charts. Highly recommend!!!!!

  • Gracie - not the same

    This mop is not like the original. The strips of cloth are narrower and total head of the mop is thinner smaller less material. Its been awhile since I purchased this mop but this is definitely not the same mop that first came out.