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  • ZacAttack - Good product. Quick install if you ditch the printed instructions

    First off, this item saved me some $$$ versus buying the factory parts. The install for the first rail took me an 90 minutes. The instruction were terrible, so finally after about 30 minutes I said screw it, and figured out how to do it on my own. With that said, the second rail went up in less than 30 minutes and ended up looking better than the first. My advise: use your intuition and common sense. Scratch the instructions!

  • pomma - Not be able to activate. is my favor web. for many years and this is my first review of all. I swear to God, this product didn't work and not be able to activate and even though the seller sent me another product keys via email, I still could not activate the MS. office. I tried many ways( desk top and lap top computers). I'd made the mistake, I thought that seller in California(U.S.A.) and I placed the ordered. found out it from China and I had the feeling of 50/50 the product will work. So, I want to remind all my friends be very careful, (cheap no good, good no cheap). You will have more chances to receive the counterfeit product which it does not work correctly. I also screwed up a big times of wasting moneys on this product which was not work. My step-father is computer analyzer, I asked for helped and he brought the product from work the next day. He hook up USB flash drive to my computer, less than fifteen minutes, my wife and I can use MS. words. Thanks for this lesson, I will remember it for a long, long times.

  • Julia's Disciple - backlash

    i have been using this for a few weeks and have not noticed any difference in my lashes. used to use MD Lash Factor but the new one i bought does not work either and irritates my eyes. a lot of hype for nothing. this is my last attempt. i am going to use false eyelashes when i need to have great peepers. btw, none of these products work anymore since the FDA banned the use of the ingredients that make the lashes longer.

  • gissella - It works!

    It's all in the prep work...and there's a lot of it! I originally bought the spray kit from Home Depot. What a nightmare. It was a drippy mess when I got through so I had to sand all that off before using this one. Oh, what a difference. I was so happy to see how smooth and effortless this went on. I used a foam roller (not a cheap one) and changed it with each coat. It goes pretty fast and the results are immediate. Like others have said don't be tempted to go back once it's started to dry-it will leave that area flat white-not shiny white.