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  • http://www.kaiparamedicalcentre.co.nz/what-we-do/ What we do - Kaipara Medical Centre we can offer our community a wide range of comprehensive medical and health related services. These include immunisations, blood tests, liquid nitrogen treatments, ear syringing, cervical smears, contraception injections, immigration and drivers license medicals, dressings and more.
  • http://www.kaiparamedicalcentre.co.nz/news/beneficiaries-urged-act-quickly/ Beneficiaries Urged To Act Quickly - Patients on medical related benefit urged to get medical certificate renewed in plenty of time.
  • http://www.kaiparamedicalcentre.co.nz/news/six-ways-make-most-your-gp-visit/ Six Ways To Make The Most of Your GP Visit - Make the most of the valuable time you have with your doctor at the Kaipara Medical Centre this winter.

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    I love this car seat. For the first six months of my son's life I listened to him screaming until he hyperventilated everytime we rode in the car. I eventually just stopped going places, as I had tried everything (mirrors, toys, video devices, feeding before driving, not feeding before driving, driving when sleepy, driving when wide awake) to get him to enjoy car rides. It was such a stressful time. He was a very small baby ( under the 1st percentile) so I was hesitant to switch to a convertible from an infant seat. I am so glad I did. The maxi cosi is sleek (for a car seat) seems comfy, easy to clean, and my child either sits in it peacefully and looks around, or falls asleep which is a far cry from his former "gotta make sure it sounds like I'm being tortured" self. The tiny fit made the transition simple and less intimidating for my small baby. If I have another child I will most likely skip the infant seat all together and go straight to the Maxi Cosi. This car seat has quite literally made my days as a mom much happier. It also fits well enough in my Prius. The front seat is pushed up a but more than I would like if I had a passenger, but that's a trade off I'm happy to make for a peaceful drive.

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