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  • David B - Better than I expected

    I have a 2011 Dodge Charger R/T AWD. Decided to go with the Mopar CAI vs others. While I have not dynamo'ed my car, their is a noticeable improvement in acceleration. In addition, twice I have gone on long distance trips (1,000 miles one way). My average MPG improved over by over 4 miles. I am not a gentle driver!

  • Wendy - Died after very little use

    I used this maybe 10 times then had to put it away for awhile due to having thyroid problems and not being able to tolerate the heat from the device. It was quirky when from the very beginning...I should have known better to return it then. When i took it out and charged it again after sitting for about 6 mos, I charged it kept dying immediately. Now, I paid about $250 for this at one of the home shopping networks. I didn't listen to the reviews saying the same thing. I should have. It's simply shameful to sell such a defective product. In addition, when you are selling something rather expensive that is chargeable, you better put in a rechargeable batter that is replaceable! This is the same issue I have with iPad. No replaceable battery. When it dies, you're SOL unless you are still under warranty. I see this has come down in price to $99, but still buyer be warned. You may end up with a dead product. Personally, I got the impression that it was the serum that improved skin more than the actual device, as I have used it alone.

  • Kat Mom - It works, BUT...

    We ordered this bike after the cardio rehab center recommended my husband get one to use at home. There are wires that are supposed to connect making it possible for the computer readouts to show on screen. However, there was no way to get the wires out because they were too short. I don't know how in the world they were supposed to connect! The instructions were no help. The bike can still be used, but it would be nice to be able to use it as intended with the reading on the screen. That's why I only gave it two stars.

  • KEYJONZ - Replaced My Spin Mop

    Good mop.Never need to touch the wet,dirty mop head.Microfiber strips are very absorbent.Dries quickly,so no sour smell.The built on wringer is very sturdy and really squeezes well.Wringer is textured so it is easy to use.I am happy with this mop.

  • venus2pluto - I think it's great

    I can't have real cheddar, and I'm allergic to soy, but I LOVE cheese... and this fits the bill quite nicely. I use the cheddar shreds in my omelets, and it tastes like american cheese because it's not a "sharp" cheddar flavor, but it's still good. I used some on a sandwich and melted it in the microwave, and it tasted even better than typical american slices. I give it a 5/5.

  • Francisco Estrada - very happy with purchase

    Excellent! I tried to program it the very first day but I was a little desperate so I couldn't complete the last step. Today I had time and was able to complete it. Just follow the instructions accordingly.