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  • M. Tompkins - Best Product!

    My friend told me about this product because I asked her why her hair always looked so good. "It's the Taffy." she said. I found it on Amazon for less than the local salons even with shipping. It works so well with my fine hair. LOVE IT!

  • denelle - Not what it was suppose to be

    I think I got a fraud or something. It was soupy and yellow when I received it. Not white and creamy like its suppose to be. I did receive a refund after I sent it back, but still had to pay some sort of fee.

  • Angel Zero - Great Entry Level Dual Sport, One Glaring Downside

    I bought this bike back in late August 2013, had a car accident which led me to be unable to use it for a few months, but I'm getting back to biking and have hit 300 miles total with this back. It's my first good quality bike that I've had since I was 11, and I had a walmart bike which I promptly returned right after ordering this online from Bike Nashbar on a sale (totaled $360 at that time). I'm a programmer and know how to build computers, so I thought why not bikes as well? My purpose was at first for recreational, but then, the aspect of riding occasional simple trails coupled with usual road riding attracted me to have dual sport as my first real bike. Which comes down to features I was looking for, 1) gearing for the major climbs in my city, 2) disk brakes if I was going to ride in the rain, 3) suspension for the occasional trails, 4) not very heavy.

  • Jane M. Arsenal - I have very fine hair that snarls easily

    I have very fine hair that snarls easily, I also use gel and spray to keep it from falling flat. I live in south Florida so you can imagine how limp my hair gets and how much product I need to style it. I only have to use 12 Benefits about once a week and it doesn't leave my hair looking greasy, I spray it on after a wash, comb it through and style normally. I just love this product.

  • Brian Dalphonse - Good software but difficult install

    The Office software itself is well worth the money but my experience post installation results in the negative review. I purchased three kery cards for business computers and all three licenses were deactivated thirty days later despite being successfully installed with the key card license. I had to reactivate the license via phone which was a slow painful process.

  • Michelle Rodriguez - These gummies work and taste great

    I love this product. I found out about this from my sister-in-law, when her kids were sick and we were visiting. We didn't really think much of it until I started to feel sick a few days later. Picked up a bottle and we took (probably more than) the recommended dose, I felt much better the next morning and my husband didn't even get sick. I have gotten sick far less often since we started keeping these vitamins in stock, and I had gotten used to getting sick at least three or four times a year -- I'm down to once or twice, and it doesn't last more than half a day (and usually only happens because I didn't know someone was sick, so I wasn't taking the gummies every day).

  • rodwarrix - Very cheap! Works. Would buy if need for short period of time.

    I would still recommend this even thou it is really cheap. It's still easy to use and had me doing a good day time watch of my house and car. But at night it will just black out! The software did capture and motion detection worked over time which I liked because I saved all the motion pictures and was able to tell what was going on. I'd get this to start for a short period of time until I got a better cheap system that also gave out and then moved on to a Zmodo 8ch which is great! (The blacking out might not happen if in very well lite area! Must be bright!)