De Stichting Kunst Werk Plaats Venray: voor mensen met een achtergrond in de geestelijke gezondheidszorg. De stichting KWP realiseert voor deze doelgroep een maatschappelijk steunsysteem met een zinvolle dagbesteding en dagstructuur. - De KWP beoogt voor haar deelnemers een plek als volwaardig burger in de samenleving. KWP is uitgegroeid tot een organisatie met 80 deelnemers heeft 2 werkplaatsen, een voor beeldende kunst en een voor muziek.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Kurt - Works excellent on Cricket

    Works excellent on Cricket. No issues, this is a truly unlocked phone. Had purchased a so called unlocked phone from a retail store that calls it self the Best to Buy at. They even had displayed signs saying "Free to choose". Except after paying more then $800 I found out freedom came after paying another $300 over a 6 month period, to Ole Ma-Bell. Then they would provide me an unlock code for my "unlocked" phone.

  • Natasha - I love this seat

    I feel my really good about putting my baby in this car seat. It is not only super durable and safe; it didn't smell like chemicals when I got it out of the box. Clek seats supposedly have some of the lowest toxin levels in the foam and fabric. It was somewhat easy to put together and install. Watch the install videos on YouTube before installing to save yourself some frustration. I Didn't tell my husband how the latch system works, so upon trying to figure it out without a Manuel he broke the foam padding on the seat cushion in half, but it doesn't compromise the safety of the seat. I love how simple and plain it looks. We bought Ink and its a great color. Not too bright. I would recommend the Fllo to anyone and I would buy it again.

  • SReeves - Webroot Support

    What I really loved when installing this is that I e-mailed Webroot support & they e-mailed me back within just a few hours. They walked me through every step of fixing my problem, and were very prompt on their replies. Another thing I loved is that they gave me step-by-step directions and asked me to let them know if that helped or not. I would definitely recommend this program, I've been using Webroot ever since I got my laptop and it works great.


    I love this product and it tastes great! I just finished my 2nd day and I did lose 5lbs. I also lost inches off my belly. I actually felt non sluggish while on it. I didn't get any hunger pangs or feel any different. I felt so much better than I would've had I had some of the things i have been eating! Now I have started to eat just clean foods and drinking lots of water. You can not go back to the same filthy way of eating before you started or you will gain all of that weight back. I plan to do it again in the next few weeks!

  • Marzen - Great addition to running accessories

    Used it yesterday for a quick 3 mile run around Rice University while on vacation. The information captured after the run is instrumental in the growth and development of my running technique. Information such as cadence, range of motion, and impact will allow me to improve my running form and prevent injury. My iPhone and Apple watch does not capture this information so I recommend the Moov for any fitness enthusiast.