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  • Phinneas Crow - A little sweet but great for making simple homemade apple wine.

    I use this to make homemade apple wine and it is very effective for that purpose. It is pure juice with no preservatives so whether you're looking to make cheap booze or just get a healthy juice at a low price, this won't let you down.


    This book was "bundled" for me through amazon... This book is the exact same as the "NCLEX-RN PREMIER 2015-2016". The only difference is that the "PREMIER" version has the 2 practice tests. Very bugged that they were bundled together. I didn't realize they were the same book. The practice test in this book is Exactly the same as the Premier version as well. Do not purchase this book. Spend an extra few bucks for the Premier version. DO NOT BUNDLE WITH PREMIER. I wish i had looked into that before purchasing it.

  • Chyld - I love hamburgers. No really

    I love hamburgers. No really, I mean I really love hamburgers. And if you go to the grocery store at the right time, you can get some pretty inexpensive cuts of meat or some meat on sale and grind it into hamburger with this. Experiment I'm discover some great blends for hamburgers. I'm very happy with my purchase. This grinds meat with ease.

  • FocusOnWildlife - Something is missing

    This is a great product, but it has several shortcomings. It's a shame that Playmobil has allowed itself to be swayed by the ultra-liberal political correctness mongers. When I opened the box I was dismayed to find that all of the characters in the set are Caucasian.