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  • Will Corley - You really should try this stuff and I have yet to find a better price than on Amazon

    No joke, I lost 60 pounds while cycling on and off with this stuff. I have tried a lot of thermogenics, and I always seem to come back to this one. It literally kills my appetite and turns my body into a furnace. I have to remind myself to eat and I go all day. You really should try this stuff and I have yet to find a better price than on Amazon.

  • Amazon Customer - Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian & Beyonce' ??????

    So first I have to say that I DID NOT buy these pills from, after reading some of the reveiws some buyers were saying the the bottles were missing the ingredient Maca although it is listed on the label in the Photo one reviewer said her bottle looked different altogether, me wanting the real thing I searched and found the product @ the price is a few bucks more, but I got a 5$ off coupon for my next purchase which was a plus Because I will be ordering from them again, & again these pills WORK!!!! I've been taking them for 24 DAYS and I can notice a difference my honey noticed first, of course, lol and he notices when other guys notice! If I have to take them for the rest of my life to maintain the growth I have now im for it, but I'm excited to see how much more I can blow this "bubble" up. I went from 44 inches to 47.5 inches in 24 DAYS & I am extatic. I also have to say that I DID NOT change the way I eat or workout at all and I still have had the results I was hoping for I have 12 more pills, I just re-ordered my next 2 bottles I can't wait to see what happens in the 132 days (2 bottles @ 60 pills each + the 12 pills I have left,lol) the only one thing I regret is that I didn't take before & after photos! I told myself that the only way I would review this product is if I intended to order more I did and I am. I am more than satisfied the Mr. was happy and affectionate to began with but alot more touchy feely now and I love it! do not hesitate to try the pills if you are looking to grow you booty I'm sure if I used them along with some sort of workout I'd be slowly creeping towards Bey, Kim and Nicki status and I just might do that but for now they are doing a wonderful job all on their own. :)

  • Charlotte - Doesn't work

    This didn't work at all. I have pretty bad stretch marks on my breasts and stomach. I used this religiously for almost 3 months straight and I haven't noticed any difference whatsoever. Plus it smells horrible!

  • Whisper - Superb picture, Good sound, and many great features but.....

    ....It has been a frustrating start up. My first frustration was to find I must download and print the 97 page manual only to find that the pages aren't numbered! Why they didnt spend one more hour to number the pages before posting is hard to understand. Next you will be impressed with the many features such as PIP and Recording to a thumb drive that the TV offers only to learn after more study and trials that these (and perhaps others) are not available in units sold in the USA and Canada. Most disappointing to me was the lack of a voice remote even though this is clearly shown in the Samsung illustrations which are also used on the Amazon page. Amazon was gracious enough to pay for a voice remote- although after hours of trying I found the voice feature is not supported by this model. The workaround that works well is the addition of the $59 Amazon voice Firestick for a good voice activated remote with Amazon's huge Music selection as an added bonus.

  • Phil Beazle - So far so good

    Used it on a shower pan about 3 weeks ago. So far it looks great. There are some brush marks left, but that's more my fault for going over partly dried paint, and on a shower pan you don't notice them. Read instructions in box and on both cans as there's a little info on each. I found the mix ratio on the can and only mixed what I needed (the package had much more than I needed for a shower pan.) Biggest hassle was crawling under house to remove the drain. Arms were tired from lots of vigorous cleaning and sanding. Stink wasn't as bad as I expected. Smelled like paint thinner to me. Most went away after 2-3 days.

  • Amazon Customer - Great costume.

    This costume is awesome. Cheaper then the other ones and this bear holds a drink. Shipping extremely fast. I highly recommend this costume and this seller.