le café associatif "le Cause Toujours" animations régulières, slam,théâtre,débats citoyens,musique - Café bar associatif à valence, café théâtre,café culturel à valence,un café tenu par les bénévoles, avec soirées slam, théâtre, musique, arpentage de livres, soirées jeux, appéro jeux, musique trad', scène ouverte musicale,etc...

  • http://www.lecausetoujours.fr/le-cafe Votre café : Le Cause Toujours - le cause toujours café culturel associatif,des rendez vous culturel et citoyen régulier,à valence 26000 8 rue Gaston rey,un café qui appartient à ses adhérents
  • http://www.lecausetoujours.fr/bar-grignotte Bar & Grignotte : café associatif le Cause Toujours, boissons et collations - un café culturel associatif ou l'on grignote et l'on sirote,ou l'on parlotte et l'on papote,accueillant à tous les goûts, même ceux qui ne sont pas les nôtres,bière, vin,assiettes,

    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 2.3387 , France

  • David Owens - excellent hose

    Some things you just HAVE to buy the best. After two of those pocket hoses, as seen on tv, broke in the same week, I decided enough was enough. This is a quality product that will not burst and comes with brass end fittings. You cannot do better for the money.

  • Katie Santa Maria - Bella Forrest does it again!!!!

    I Chose this rating because this book deserves it. I was a little worried to start it because it wasn't bellas usual story line. But I Was pleasantly surprised!!! This book has her signature styled writing that we all love, and with so many plot twits!!!! Lots of action and of course some romance!! (It's what Bella does best!) Please give this boo a chance! You will not regret it!!!! I praying this book Will be a series like our shade books!! BELLA is a absolute remarkable author. Her stories has gotten me through this rough year so I highly recommend this book if you want to get completely hooked and forget about reality for a little while like you did In the Shade!!

  • R. A. Geiger - Burned my finger - amazing results

    Today is the day I received the CellFood. I had read the other reviews and was skeptical but wanted to check it out. Before it arrived I was pouring bacon grease into a disposable cup and it spilled over onto two of my fingers. I started soaking my fingers in cool water but every time I took them out they started to burn again and a blister was forming on one of the fingers. Then my package arrived. I opened the container and let a couple of drops fall on my fingers and then rubbed them in. They stung briefly and then the pain went away. after several minutes they started to burn again so I put another drop on them. Then 15 minutes later no pain - nothing - the redness reduced immediately and the blister disappeared.

  • Lori A. Rowe - Still had to have dealer program

    FOB arrived in usable condition, however tried to programm using included DIY instructions and didn't work. Had to still take to dealership to have FOB programmed. 2007 Toyota Tundra

  • chai - Helpful so far. Need to stick to it.

    There is a workbook that you use along with the CDs. Definitely need both parents involved in both listening to the CDs and the workbook. Didn't change my child's attitude immediately but has helped.