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  • Deane Bottorf - but it's better that nothing

    Watching a football game on the computer screen is not really satisfactory, but it's better that nothing!

  • R. Lewis - I have some z wave devices and I did not want to pay another company a monthly subscription so after doing some research it came

    I bought this overpriced router/HA device mainly for the HA features. I have some z wave devices and I did not want to pay another company a monthly subscription so after doing some research it came down to this or the smart things hub. I decided to get this. It reboots randomly at least 2 times per week and gets warm pretty quickly. Did one warranty exchange already. Company doesn't seem to do firmware updates for this very often. Some features on the device like the weather and time have been in beta since I purchased the device last year. For what you get this device should be in the $99 - $149 price range.

  • S. Shah - Best all around virus scan out there..period

    I've been a fan of Kaspersky's products for many years now and I've gotten all of my family members to use it. It was one of first virus scans to update multiple times a day instead of once per week as many products used to do. Nothing is fool proof however the heuristics utilized in this product are second to none in my opinion. Do your own research for "Virus Scan" reviews on Google (Filter by year!)

  • Mark West - Hey! What's Not To Like?

    Imperial Legionaries...Elves...Dwarves....nasty, rotten rebels lead by the blackest of evils. Well written and well plotted. Made for the readers of John Ringo, Glen Cook, Marc Kloos, Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow. One warning....there are only three books so far and you know what that means. We'll have to go to the whip hand to speed up production. That's the trouble with writers. Always busy writing but slow on the finish. More, sugar! Please!